Why You Want to Recommend a PRINTHEAD for the HP DH-LX350

Why you want to recommend PRINTHEAD

A PRINTHEAD is the part of a printer that controls the flow of ink into the printing media. Thermal printheads work by using tiny resistors that heat up the ink inside the nozzles. When the ink is heated, it boils and vaporizes inside the nozzles and is then released as bubbles onto the print media. These printheads are great for textile printing and are recommended for water-based inks.

HP 934/935 printer models use an electronic PRINTHEAD. The printhead pulls ink from four ink cartridges and fires droplets onto the paper. The electronic PRINTHEAD will eventually fail depending on how frequently you use your printer. In general, an HP printer is good for 15,000 printed pages over its lifespan, but the average consumer will only print 7,000 pages or less. To get a new printhead, purchase a genuine one for your HP printer.