What you need to know about Epson L360 Cable Head

What you need to know about Epson L360 Cable Head F2

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the fuse wire is properly seated. Before you do that, make sure that you have turned off your printer and have at least 10 A4 sheets of paper ready for installation. You can check the printer manual for more information on how to install the printhead and the cable. If you are unable to replace the cable head yourself, you can try to find an authorized Epson service provider to replace it.

Once you have removed the printhead, the next step is to turn off the printer. You may need to wait for at least 12 hours before you can turn it back on. After you have done this, you can replace the printhead with a new one. However, this procedure can consume a lot of ink and reduce its service life. Once the printhead has expired, it will no longer print.

To check whether the ink cartridge is the problem, turn the printer off, leave it off, and then turn it on. If the problem persists, look for an error message on the LCD. If you see this, it could be a problem with the cable. If it is not, contact the manufacturer or dealer. They will be able to help you solve the problem. This should not take long, and it will be much simpler than you imagine.