What Models Use the Brother LC-3617 Magenta Ink?

The Brother LC-3617 Magenta ink is compatible with several printer models. Its yield ranges from 1,200 to 3,000 pages, and it is sold as a single cartridge, a two-pack, or a three-pack. You can find replacement ink cartridges for your printer at LD Products and other retailers. You can also use a compatible ink cartridge.

Which models use the Brother LC3617 Magenta Ink

The LC-3617 Magenta ink cartridge is compatible with several Brother printer models. This toner is compatible with the following printers: LC-3617-MX, and LC-3617-CMYK. The Brother LT-3610 and LC-3617 Magenta in-k cartridges are not interchangeable. If you are having trouble with the LC-3617 Magenta In-K, replace it with the one that is compatible with your device.

You can also purchase a replacement LC-3617 Magenta In-K cartridge for your printer. It’s the best option for high-quality prints. Unlike toners, the drum unit is not subject to wear and tear like toner cartridges. Instead, it will last for a much longer time if you keep it clean. To avoid this, rock the cartridge gently as well as cleaning the corona wire.