V.92 Supported @ Bitstop!

(Sep 12, 2003) The newly adopted ITU V92 modem standard and its companion V44 compression standard enhance Internet communications, offering multiple advantages over the older V90 V42bis standard. The most apparent improvement for most users will be the dramatic increase in Web browsing speed provided by the V44 compression standard.

The V92 data standard offers several additional advantages including QuickConnect, faster upstream data transfers, and support for call waiting — QuickConnect can reduce the negotiation or “handshake” time at the beginning of a call in half. The V92 standard increases the maximum data upload speed more than 40 percent — from 33,600 bps to 48,000.

The V92 Modem-on-Hold feature enhances telephone Call Waiting service by allowing a user to receive a voice call while online, put the online session on hold during the call, and then resume the online session. This feature is especially convenient in households with a single phone line. Besides a local telephone company’s Call Waiting service, Modem-on-Hold requires compatible v.92 modem (preferably, USRobotics)

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