“Two Thumbs Up” for Keystone

(Dec 19, 2002) Message from Robertson Chiang, CTO Mozcom Central regarding his experience with KLS:

…”.. My commendations to the officers and staff of i.mind Caloocan (Ma’am Jaysie, Myra, Brian, etc.) who have been very accomodating, courteous, friendly and professional.

To those planning to get their staff certified on Microsoft products, I give my “two thumbs up” review to the Keystone Learning System. I took a total of about 15 hrs of Computer-Based Training (CBT) — about 3 x half-days (Saturday afternoon, Monday afternoon, and Tuesday morning), before taking the exam this afternoon (Tues).

I have actually never used Windows 2000 Professional in my whole life (my workstation is still NT4). Everything I learned about it for the exam, I learned through Keystone!

This coming 2003, MosCom will be giving a bit more attention to applications and services — both of which Microsoft technology plays a dominant role. Continuous training of our staff will be a crucial component for all our success!”

NOTE: Lest we give a false impression that Win2k is easy to pass, readers must be advised that Mr Chiang is a genius and ‘Techie’ in the highest sense of the word. Other passers took 1-2 weeks to achieve the same results as Mr Chiang.

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