Regulated Power Adaptor 12Voltz – 2Amp

A good regulated power adapter is one that doesn’t generate a lot of heat, which is a good thing because some low-current adapters can overheat your device. A good rated power adaptor should provide constant DC power for your devices. We recommend that you buy a regulated power supply with at least a 2Amp rating.

Find out why we recommend Regulated Power Adaptor 12Voltz  2Amp

When purchasing a power adaptor, remember to check the maximum current that the adapter can deliver. If the power supply can handle more than one amp, it should be regulated. A regulated power supply will provide consistent voltage for the device that it powers. If the adaptor can handle two or more amps, it’s a good choice.

A regulated power supply can produce voltages as low as 1.5, 3, 4.5, 6, and 9 Volts (V) and currents up to two Amps (A). A regulated power supply has multiple circuits for varying input voltage and load current. A 12 volt regulated power adaptor that puts out one amp will put out a close to 12-volt output and draw less than one amp.

If your adapter doesn’t match your device’s input voltage and current, your device might not work. The voltage can be lower or higher than the device’s maximum. It’s impossible to be certain whether it will damage your device. This is why we recommend a regulated power adapter that has the same voltage as your device. The more voltage you need, the higher the voltage it can support.