Optimax PS2 Mini Optical Black Mouse, ACCESSORIES

Featuring durable optical technology, the OPTIMAX provides accurate tracking and precise cursor control. Its ergonomic design and smooth ball movement make it a comfortable hand held alternative. It also features a bi-directional wireless link for interference-free operation. The soft touch trackball lets you change the speed of the cursor with a light touch. Suitable for both PC and Mac users, the OPTIMAX is ergonomically designed for comfort.

This makes our day Optimax PS2 Mini Optical Black Mouse

With a 6-foot cable, it’s easy to connect a PS2 to a television. Moreover, it supports Dual-Shock features and is compatible with PSX and PS1 gaming consoles. For those who don’t want to deal with a messy wired mouse, there’s a wireless option. The resulting connection is extremely convenient. The N-ABLER is another great alternative to the mouse. It’s color-coded and features a free moving trackball. This allows you to maneuver objects on your screen easily.

Using the N-ABLER allows you to play games in a multiplayer setting. It’s simple to connect to another console using its two-foot long USB cable. Unlike the mouse, it can be used as a second controller with two additional controllers. The two-button design makes it easy to play multiplayer games. The multitap supports Dual-Shock features, and it’s compatible with the Optimax PS2 Mini Adaptive Black Mouse.