Notebook / Laptop Cooler S3

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The S3 is the latest notebook cooling solution that’s causing a lot of talk. As a fan, it can get extremely noisy, and bigger fans can cause more damage than good. But with a relatively low price, it’s hard to argue with this innovative product. What’s more, the S3 is available in several colors and shapes. It promises to solve the heat problem, and at a very reasonable price.

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The S3 is designed to solve this problem by utilizing two independent fan units that are placed side-by-side. These fans work in conjunction with one another to circulate air more efficiently and cool the laptop. The S3 also features a light that activates along with the cooling fans, which makes it useful in dim lighting environments. In addition to being an excellent laptop cooling solution, the S3 is multipurpose, featuring a mini work desk, card readers, and USB ports. The S3 is a great option for the home and office, but is quite heavy and difficult to carry around.

The S3 has five powerful fans, each with variable speeds. The cooling pad’s fans generate little noise even when run at full speed. In addition, the fan panels are illuminated and feature adjustable fan speed controls. It comes with a USB hub, which is convenient if you need to charge your laptop or transfer files. Using the S3 is a great choice for those who travel a lot.

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