HP X3000 Wireless Optical Mouse

HP X3000 Silver Wireless Mouse | HP Store Hong Kong

HP X3000 Wireless Optical Mouse is a lightweight, durable wireless mouse. It comes with a 12-month battery life and features an infrared tracking system, a scroll wheel that flies across web pages, and a high-quality optical sensor that works on most surfaces. The sleek design and ergonomically shaped sides are designed to keep your hands secure while using the HP x3000.

The sleek profile, advanced optical sensor, and fast-moving scroll wheel make this mouse an essential piece of computer hardware. The mouse is also durable, has a long battery life, and fits in your hand easily. The HP x3000 Wireless Optical is available from Nairobi Computer Shop, Kenya’s premier computer dealer. You can buy it from a local store for a discounted price or purchase it online.

This HP x3000 Wireless Optical mouse offers three buttons for easy navigation, a fast-moving scroll wheel, and a rubber side grip. It’s fast and reliable, and it looks great. Its compact design allows you to easily carry it around, while its ultra-durable battery means it won’t lose its speed even while zipping around your mousepad.