Epson T190290 Cyan Ink Review

If you’re like me, you’ve been dreading the thought of replacing your printer ink cartridges. The fact is, you’ll run out of ink more often than you would imagine, and the cost of these replacements can really add up. This is where Epson’s T190290 Cyan Ink comes in. You’re going to spend a fortune, but it won’t break the bank.

People are freaking out over Epson T190290 Cyan Ink

Its name isn’t very inspiring. Luckily, Epson offers replacement ink in bottles, and they’re much cheaper than individual cartridges. The FN-INK ™ is thicker out of the bucket, and is therefore ready to use. Because it’s short-bodied, it doesn’t need to be modulated, which can save you a ton of time.

The problem with water-based ink is that it can easily clog a screen with too much ink. It can ruin your prints, so you have to be careful about the amount of time between prints. It also has a tendency to dry in between prints, so you have to be extra careful. Fortunately, modern water-based inks are less prone to drying in.