Asus Pentium N5000 Review

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Why this brings us joy Asus Pentium N5000

Unlike other midrange CPUs, the Asus Pentium N5000 doesn’t feature a fan. Fortunately, it has a removable flipping bottom. While it’s possible to access its internal components, there are few reasons to do so. For one, the Asus doesn’t have a fan for easy cleaning. For another, the memory and WLAN module are soldered together. Its connectivity options are limited and lack the joy of a dedicated wireless networking card.

ASUS Splendid visual optimization technology delivers stunning visuals regardless of what you’re viewing. There are four display modes available: normal for everyday tasks, vivid for photos and videos, and eye care for reducing blue-light levels. In manual mode, you can tweak the colors to your liking. Even the power button is customizable. With the Splendid technology, you’ll be able to change your display modes at the touch of a button.

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