All you need to know about Corsair SPEC-01 MidTower ATX

This makes our day Casing Corsair SPEC01 MidTower ATX

For gamers, the SPEC-01 is essential. Despite its aggressive style, the SPEC-01’s front intake fan and LED-lit side panel window make it a great case for gaming. A total of five fans can be housed inside, and cable routing cutouts make installation and upgrades a breeze. Added bonus: the case features a USB 3.0 connector and space for an additional 120mm fan or dual 140mm fans.

If cooling is your thing, the SPEC-01 has plenty of room for your components. It supports up to four hard drives and SSDs, and features two standard 5.25″ optical drive bays, as well as four built-in 3.5-inch-and-2.5-inch combo drive bays. If you have a large amount of RAM, the SPEC-01’s front intake fan will draw a cool breeze over your graphics cards. The Corsair SPEC-01 also has mounting points for up to five fans, which you can add if you like.

The Corsair SPEC-01 has a depth of 15mm, which makes it a great option for those with large all-in-one liquid coolers. You can also install a graphics card up to 330mm in length. Other notable features include adequate mounting positions for storage devices, including a top ODD drive bay. The case also accommodates full-size ATX motherboards and is compatible with most current Intel and AMD processors.