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(July 10 , 2004) Bitstop Network Services is proud to announce a new round of price reductions effective July 15, 2004  for the following Xtreme Plans:

Xtreme Gold from 1,375.00 to 750.00
Xtreme Silver from 990.00 to 550.00
Xtreme Bronze from 660.00 to 550.00
Xtremey Early stays the same at 440.00

We are discontinuing all Xtreme Lite and Xtreme Superlite as of July 31, 2004.

Xtreme Gold is our unmetered plan for all day all night surfing. Xtreme Silver is our unmetered plan for all Day surfing (8am-5pm), while our Xtreme Bronze is our unmetered plan for nightime sufring (7pm to 7am of the next day).

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