Why you want to recommend Cable USB Extension 3 METERS

If you want to extend the USB connection to a far location, a USB extension cable can be the perfect solution. Not only does it allow you to connect more devices, it also reduces the need for a central hub. This makes it a more convenient option to share devices in the office and saves you money. Despite its limited length, this cable is durable and is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Why you want to recommend Cable USB Extension 3METERS

USB extension cables are extremely powerful equipment for your computer. They allow you to connect to other devices, such as peripherals, in a convenient and efficient way. Most computers come with short USB cables, limiting your movement and making your working desk look overloaded. If you need to connect more than three meters, consider a USB active cable. These are bus-powered and will deliver the full 500mA of power to your devices.

USB cables usually have a maximum length of a few feet, so if you need more distance, a USB extension cable is a good solution. There are two types of extensions, passive and active, but both work well. When you need more space, a USB extension cable can add more than 3 meters to your laptop’s length. But you must keep in mind that these cables have a very high cost. This makes them an excellent choice when you want to extend your USB connection.