Why Replace the HP K104 Battery?

Where might you use HP K104 Battery

HP commercial notebook computers are sold to businesses and organizations. They are typically equipped with lithium-ion batteries. The HP K104 battery is also available as a replacement. This battery was sold along with HP ProBooks, ZBook studio G4 mobile workstations, and HP ENVY 15 laptops. It is important to replace the HP K104 battery after it runs out of power. Listed below are some of the reasons why HP has recalled the K104 battery.

The original HP K104 battery comes in three cell lithium-ion version (746641-001). It is 2.8Ah and 31Wh. Alternatively, HP offers a four-cell battery, model 740715-001. The 4-cell version is 3.8Ah and 41Wh. However, the four-cell version costs a bit more. If you want to use the HP K104 battery with a different model, it is best to purchase the three-cell model.

The battery is a rechargeable battery. The charge lasts for several hours, depending on the model. The battery can also power other devices such as speakers and video cameras. If you use the laptop for long periods of time, you will need a fresh battery. You can recharge the laptop battery at any time and keep working. Depending on the model, the HP K104 battery can last for several hours. You can also use the battery to power other devices like audio or video equipment.