S&E Demos Nokia PBX Terminal

(Jan 30, 2003) S&E trains and demonstrates the Nokia 22 PBX connectivity terminal to Bitstop Inc.

The Nokia 22
PBX Connectivity

is a simple, cost-saving solution, which serves as a gateway between a
GSM network and a company’s private branch exchange (PBX). When
connected to a PBX, it can route incoming and out coming calls via the
mobile telephone network, providing a cost effective alternative for
fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed telephone calls.

A huge cost savings may be realised due to the difference in charges between landline calls to cellphones (12/min) and cellphone to cellphone (3/min). With the Nokia 22, all calls to cellphones from the PABX, can now be routed to it, thereby converting the call to cellphone -to- cellphone.

Nokia 22 brochure (PDF file, 157 KB)
Nokia 22 datasheet (PDF file, 94 KB)

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