P-Channel Power MOSFET IC ZA5PAO4407

The P-Channel Power MOSFET IC from Infineon is ideal for medium- and low-power applications. The device is available in multiple voltage classes and provides high power density and efficiency. These devices feature a small footprint and are available in a variety of compact packages. The ZA5PAO4407 features a constant current mode PFC that allows for easy switching.May be an image of text that says 'Datasheet IRF9531 IRF Series of MOSFET Transistors or Amplifier & Power Applications IRF9531 P-Chanel MOSFET'

The ZA5PAO4407 is an alternating current power IC. It provides a constant current, single-phase, and dual-mode AC-DC converters. The IC’s unique dual-channel architecture allows for wide-bandwidth output voltage. The product features a TOLL package for reduced overall size and increased power density. It also has the highest efficiency rating for power supply ICs.

The reference design provides a complete simulation circuit and design guide for a single-phase, non-isolated, and buck DC-DC power supply. Besides a complete specification, this reference design also includes PCB layout data, block diagrams, and simulation results. The ZA5PAO4407 is available in several different packages and voltage ranges. In addition, the IC’s TOLL package allows it to be used in many different applications and configurations.

The ZA5PAO4407 has a reference design, which provides detailed specifications and PCB layout data. The reference design also provides a working example circuit and is designed for DC24V/200W AC-DC power supplies. Its four-lead MOSFET package reduces package inductance, which can be an important consideration when designing an AC-DC power supply.