New Exam Passers

(March 14, 2003) Bitstop and I.mind are proud to announce , and congratulate the following for passing IT Certification Exams:

Cherry Rose R. CabildoMS 070-216i.Mind
Bernard G CruzA+ 220-222Bitstop
Israel C PalmaA+ 220-222Bitstop
Roy AragonMS 070-215Bitstop
Joseph BeaA+ 220-222Bitstop
Generino P. SiddayaoMOS PowerPointBitstop
Pedro C. FloresMOS PowerPointBitstop
Mary Jane AragonMOS PowerPointBitstop
Gladys P. BaliuagMOS PowerPointBitstop
Ma. Eliza T. CruzMOS PowerPointBitstop
Ma. Visitacion GumabayMOS PowerPointBitstop

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