IPV6 now up courtesy of ASTI

(Jan 30, 2003) Bitstop has just successfully ping6-ed the other end of the ipv6 tunnel in Preginet! We are now also able to reach www.ai3.net (ipv6 address). Click here to view the testbed map. We installed ipv6 also on our Windows XP and Windows 2003 rc1,rc2

Just do a traceroute6 to our ipv6 address 2001:200:800:5001::4 from this traceroute6 page. (As of now, belgium and france links do not work…)

“PREGINET is the first Philippine IPv6 network and natively connected to the IPv6 backbone (6bone and 6net). Bitstop is the first commercial ISP network with IPv6.”–Sir Dennis Villorente, ASTI

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