How useful is UPS – APC BV650I-MS 650VA/375watts UPS

An APC UPS is useful for protecting sensitive electronics like computers and TVs. It corrects voltage dips and surges, preserving battery life. It prevents damaging spikes, lightning, and surges. The USB-B port makes it convenient for use when away from the computer. The APC BV650I-MS features keyhole sockets to enable easy mounting in garages, basements, or structured wiring closets. It also has a circuit-breaker reset button to avoid unplugging and replugging the unit.

Another feature of the APC BV650I-MS 750VA/375watts UPS is its alarm. It can be used to notify users of power outages, and it can also back up data and schedule automatic shutdowns. The battery backup of this UPS is also useful for Mac users. The APC BV650I-MS has a six-foot cord and a three-year warranty.

Another feature of the APC BV650I-MS a 950VA/375watts UPS is a built-in USB port. A USB port can be useful for charging mobile devices and laptops. A small status light indicates the UPS is working. A screen can display additional information about battery level, which can ease your nerves. Besides, a good UPS is priced under $250.