Casing DeepCool Matix 55 TG Mid-Tower

Casing DeepCool Matix 55 TG  MidTower

The Casing DeepCool Matix55 TG Mid-Tower is a great choice for people looking for a new mid-tower PC case. It’s an ADD-RGB model with two tempered glass panels. The model also comes with a lighting strip on the front for a stylish appearance. This mid-tower case supports m-ATX and m-ITX motherboards, and is fitted with 3 pre-installed 120mm A-RGB fans. The system also has room for a graphics card up to 370mm in length.

This mid-tower case has a lot of features for the price, but the most notable difference is the cooling capabilities. The Matrexx is a great choice for those looking for an excellent cooling solution. It has a full-length tempered glass front panel, and the Matrexx 55 has a brushed aluminum front panel. The matte black front panel features an RGB vein running along the front panel. The logo is located on the bottom, which gives it a sleek, classy look. The back has a cutout for the PSU, with seven expansion slots above it. It also has a vent for a 120mm fan.

Cable management isn’t the biggest issue with this case, but it’s not as easy as it could be. The Square Cable Cutouts are a bit odd, and don’t have grommets, which can make cable management a bit more difficult. This is a major disadvantage for a neat build, and the case may not be the best choice for people who are worried about their cables being visible.