Brother LC-565XL Yellow Ink Cartridge Review

The LC-565XL Yellow Ink Cartridge is a high-yield yellow ink cartridge that is compatible with the Brother LC-565XL printer. This product has a 15-milliliter volume. This makes it one of the most affordable options for people who want to print a lot of pages. In our review, we found that this ink cartridge has great print quality and a great price.

Unlike other inkjet cartridges, this ink is compatible with most other wide-format printers. The ink cartridge’s vent channel is narrow and long, so that it can help evaporate moisture, but also allow the ink cartridge to dry inside out. This design is common among wide-format printers, but some third-party ink brands are not compatible with them.

Another factor that may cause the ink to run out is the inkjet printer’s head sealing. The seal can leak solvent or moisture, which will make the ink dry and hard. This will affect the drop size, trajectory, and nozzle function. Therefore, it is important to buy a brand that is compatible with the printer you use. If you do not, you can’t print a whole lot of things with this printer.