A4Tech KRS-8372 USB Black KB Keyboard and Mouse Review

Founded in 1987 in Taiwan, A4TECH has grown to become a world leader in the computer peripheral industry. With an excellent R&D team and independent core techniques, the company continues to innovate and develop cutting-edge products for the consumer market. By taking yesterday’s fiction and turning it into today’s reality, they bring new ideas and technology to the forefront of the computer peripheral industry.

This keyboard and mouse have a full numeric keypad and full-size function keys, which allows you to type efficiently and comfortably while freeing up desktop space. The included mouse has a contoured design for smooth tracking and navigation. It features FN Hot Keys for easy access to twelve multimedia functions, with over 5 million clicks guarantee. Its 1000 DPI ensures a smooth tracking experience and its eight gestures perform selectable hotkey commands. You will experience hours of typing comfort with this setup.

The A4Tech KRS-8372 USB Black KB offers a full-size numeric keypad and function keys for maximum productivity and efficiency. This keyboard also includes a high-quality mouse with a contoured design for effortless navigation. This mouse has FN Hot Keys for easy access to 12 multimedia functions. It has a guaranteed click of over five million times, ensuring you’ll never miss a key again. The 1,000 DPI of the mouse provides smooth tracking and a comfortable typing experience. The 8-Gestures provide you with hours of comfort while using the keyboard.