A4Tech KRS-83 USB Black Keyboard Review

This is why you need A4tech KRS83 USB Black Keyboard

Designed for ultimate comfort and durability, the A4Tech KRS-83 USB Black Keyboard has comfort rounded keycaps, spill-resistant design, and 12-FN Hotkeys. The company offers nationwide shipping and a full one-year warranty. It ships to every corner of the country. This is a must-have keyboard for gamers and professionals alike! If you have been looking for a quality USB keyboard but don’t have the budget to spend on a new one, A4Tech is the answer.

The keyboard features a full-size numeric keypad and function keys that help you free up desktop space. The included mouse has a contoured design and smooth tracking for effortless navigation. FN Hot Keys enable easy access to 12 multimedia functions, including music, video, and photos. It comes with a five-million-click guarantee and 1000 DPI for smooth tracking. The eight gestures let you perform select hotkey commands to give you a comfortable typing experience.

The keyboard features a full numeric keypad and full-size function keys. This frees up your desktop space and provides more functional space for your mouse. The contoured design and 1000 DPI provide smooth tracking and effortless navigation. The FN Hot Keys enable you to quickly access 12 multimedia functions. The company guarantees over five million clicks with this product. The 1000 DPI is a guaranteed smooth tracking. You can select 8 gestures to perform select hotkey commands with ease. With these features, you can enjoy hours of comfortable typing with this device.