What You Need to Know About Calidad DR-2455 Drum

Calidad DR-2455 Drum is one of the most commonly used drum units for printing. Developed in Singapore, this model is made to meet the laws and regulations of the country. It comes with a two-year warranty. What you need to know about Calidad BR-2455 Drum unit before you buy it is that it is made in Singapore. It is also sold at discounted prices.

What you need to know about Calidad DR2455 Drum

A toner and drum combination is the most expensive kind of printing equipment, but it ensures the best print quality and durability throughout the printer’s lifespan. The cost of a toner and drum set is as much as $100, so it’s advisable to purchase a replacement set if you see the message LCD Drums End Soon on your printer. Fortunately, this message only lasts for about a minute.

The DR-2455 Drum can yield up to 12,000 pages. This makes it a good choice for home or office use. It’s compatible with Brother laser printers. A DR-2455 can also be used in an HP laser printer. A DR-2455 drum set is ideal for printing documents in black and white. It is a reliable and easy-to-use drum, and the drum is easy to replace.