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* Bitstop Gains Security+ Credential

(Dec. 13, 2003) Our congratulations to Mr Wilson L. Chua, CEH, for passing the COMPTia Security+ Exam. This exam is also part of the requirements for Microsoft Security Credential.

* Bitstop WiFi Powers Pawil Dagupan Festivities

(Dec. 6, 2003) The Dagupan City Government has tapped Bitstop to provide Wireless Internet (Wifi) for its Pawil Dagupan Festivities and the Launching of the Barangay Web Awards.

* Bitstop to Webcast St Jude HS Homecoming

(Dec. 6, 2003) Bitstop is happy to have been tapped by St Jude Alumni to do the webcast of their homecoming event this sunday, Dec 7, 2003.

The webcast will be delayed by about 2 hours. Click here to view the event once the time arrives. Click here to see their batch website.

* Counter-Strike Tournament @ NETICON

(Dec. 6, 2003) Bitstop is a proud sponsor of the "4 on 4 Counterstrike Crossover Challenge" organized by Jonel Lao of Net ICON. The Elimination round is on December 26, while the Championship round is on Dec 27, 2003.

Interested Parties are encouraged to contact the organizer at laoag@info.com.ph or call +63-77-771-1296

* NitroMania Grand Raffle Promo extended

(Dec. 5, 2003) Good news to all Nitro users.  You have more chances to win the following Grand Raffle Prizes:

1st Prize - A70 Canon Digital Camera with CT10 printer
2nd Prize - Nokia 3300 phone
3rd Prize - Sony DVD player
4th Prize - Creative MP3 Player
Consolation Prizes - 15 Palm Zire Handhelds

The Grand Raffle has been postponed to February 15, 2004.  Check out posters or Click here for the promo mechanics and other details.

* 90 More 56k Dialup lines

(Nov 29, 2003) Bitstop Network Services (BNS) recently signed up for  3 additional E1/R2 Lines. Each E1/R2 provide 30 56k-digital lines for dialup access. By late this year, when all 3 e1/r2 are in place, Bitstop will have increased our total 56k dialup lines to 240.

* PICS PGMA Webcast

(Nov 29, 2003) Bitstop, Softrigger and Globe Telecoms will webcast the PICS IT SME awards night event which will be graced by H.E. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Dec 2, 2003 at the PTTC.

We will start the webcast at 6:00pm. Please click here to view the webcast.


* Bitstop Demo @ Tuguegarao

(Nov 29, 2003) Photo shows students of St Paul QC trying out the internet via Home PNA. The E1 bandwidth of SPU really allowed them to update their friendster.com accounts fast!

* Wilson Chua passes CCNA exam

(Nov 24, 2003) Bitstop President Mr. Wilson Chua passed the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) exam (640-801) with flying colors boasting a score of 963 out of 1,000. Congratulations from the Bitstop staff!

* Be security consious- Protect your PC

(Nov 22, 2003) Are you paranoid from hearing all the reports on hacking and cybercrimes? Be proactive and take these steps to secure your pc.  1. Use an internet firewall. 2. Get computer updates.  3. Use up-to-date antivirus software.  Click here for more information.

*Cagayan.NET now Connected

(Nov 21, 2003) Bitstop thanks Mr Eric Alberto, Sir Boy Castaneda, Mr Marlon Molano , Jojo Alonzo and the rest of the PLDT team that rushed the interconnection between Cagayan.net and Bitstop via a 256kbps lease line.

*Early Bird Special

(Nov 21, 2003) Bitstop is conducting an Early Bird Promo for our internet subscribers. For a monthly of only 450++, internet users can avail of unlimited internet from 12midnight to 10am the next day.

We would like to thank Mr Mike Graham for sharing his ideas on this. Please contact help@dagupan.com for further details.

*Webcasting History

(Nov 21, 2003) At 8pm today, Bitstop, PhilCOM and RadioWorks Consortium will be airing the webcast from SM Baguio's Entertainment Center. This is the first time a webcast will be picked up and relayed by no less than 10 Major Radio Stations in the country.

Click here to view the Windows Version.
Click here to view the Quicktime Version.

*Is your line 56k Capable?

(Nov 14, 2003) Trying to determine whether a POTS phone line is capable of doing 56K has been a never ending challenge. 3Com/USR modems have the ATY11 command which displays the compensated frequency response of the phone line and modem.

The results can be used to determine if the phone line is 56K capable. Note that this response curve is the results of the modem adaptive equalizer's heroic attempt to obtain the best response from a POTS phone line and not the actual frequency response of the phone line. Results will vary depending upon modem type and firmware. To find out more: http://members.cruzio.com/~jeffl/aty11/aty11.htm


*Bitstop Invited to Demo @ SPU

(Nov 14, 2003) Bitstop is honored to have been invited by Saint Paul University in Tuguegarao, Cagayan to demonstrate and showcase some of the newer products being carried by Bitstop.

Click here to view a schematic diagram of the showcase to be presented on November 26-27

*BCF Open House

(Nov 13, 2003) Bitstop has been invited by Dean Ray Dilan to showcase some of our latest R&D innovations as part of the open house extravaganza that is scheduled for Nov 13-15. Different Schools are invited to vist the exhibits from the different colleges in Baguio College Foundation.

Bitstop will showcase the following:

  • HOME PNA. Get Ethernet connectivity using  ordinary house power lines.

  • VOIP and Gatekeeper. This will allow people to start a voice call via the internet. Effectively, this technology will lower long distance costs.

  • IPBased Security. This will showcase the use of high definition security camera with pan, tilt and zoom that is visible over the internet.

*Mr Henry Rayos Passes SQL Exam

(Nov 7, 2003) Mr. Henry P. Rayos passed the 070 – 228 exam (Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition).

He took the exam at our i.mind offices in Caloocan. Interested parties are advised to schedule their exams by calling Jaysie at 330-2871.

*Congrats to Webby Awards Winners!

(Nov 7, 2003) Bitstop is proud to be the hosting service of choice by the recent 6th Philippine Webby Awards: Gov.ph and Kasal.com

Our congratulations!

*Bitstop now Peered with PHIX!

(Nov 6, 2003) Bitstop is now directly peered with PHIX via an e1 link. Try out the traceroute from our site.

*6th Webcast for Webby Awards

(Nov 4, 2003) Bitstop, together with Innove (Globe) will be webcasting the Philippine Webby Awards on Nov 6.

Here is the link.

*Rev Fr Henry Schmidt Passed Away

(Nov 4, 2003) Rev Fr Henry Schmidt, former parish priest at Divine Word Academy, passed away a few days ago.

His remains lie in state at St therese Parish Church.

*Ms Cabildo now an MCSE!

(Nov 4, 2003) Ms. Cherry Rose Cabildo, passed the 070-220 exam (Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network) to complete the requirement for MCSE certification.

She took this exam at I.mind in Caloocan.

*Fernando Martirez III passes exam

(Oct 29, 2003) Our congratulations to Fernando Martirez III for passing Microsoft 070-220 exam (Designing Security for a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network) today.


 *New Certified Professionals from I.mind

(Oct 28, 2003) MCP Cherry Rose R. Cabildo today passed exam 070-219 (Designing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Directory Services Infrastructure).  Last week, she successfully passed the 270-217 exam (Windows 2000 Directory Service infrastructure). Only one more exam to go for her to complete her requirements for MCSE. Congratulations Cherry Rose.

Cheers too to Fernando Martirez III for aceing the ECOMMERCE ARCHITECT AND ETHICAL HACKING AND COUNTERMEASURES EXAM (with a perfect score). He will take exam 070-217 and 070-220 next week to complete his MCSE requirements.

*Innove and Bitstop to webcast Miss Earth

(Oct 26, 2003) The Miss Earth Pageant will be webcast live on Oct 31, 2003 at the Hotel Intercon in Makati. The webcast is made possible by the facilities of Innove (Globe Telecoms)

Click here to learn more.

*Francis Back from Zamboanga

(Oct 23, 2003) Mr Francis Vidal just came back from Zamboanga where he was commissioned to do wireless site survey for a client.

Basilan is 30 minutes away by fastboat.

*Longer Hours for Vigan Too!

(Oct 23, 2003) Basic and Bitstop are proud to announce that our Vigan Nitro operations will also double the existing hours for Nitro.

Nitro Cards being used in Vigan now last up to 10 hours during Peak hours, and as much as 20 hours during off peak hours.

*Jon Co Delivers Security Workshop

(Oct 22, 2003) Jon Co , our resident CEI and CEH was on hand to deliver a security awareness workshop at La Salette University, function Room, Dubinan East, Santiago City. This seminar introduced the participants to various Hacker methodology, technics and counter hack measures.

*Windows Media Downloads of Bush State Visit

(Oct 18, 2003) Here are the links to the archive of US President Bush's state visit to the Philippines:

*Better Service for Ilokandia.PH

(Oct 17, 2003) Bitstop and Basic are proud to announce  the activation of our local numbers in Ilocos region 722-8340 and 722-8350 to cater to our Ilokandia.ph subscribers.

These numbers will allow Ilocos local calls to be routed to us here in Dagupan. Our clients can then get the best 'local' support without having to dial long distance to dagupan.

We have also upgraded our Total control in Vigan to V.92. This will allow for faster V44 compression standard and offer faster uploading speeds!


*Bitstop to Webcast US Pres Bush Visit

(Oct 15, 2003) The OPS, together with NBN, RTVM and  Bitstop will do the live webcast of US President George Bush's State Visit to the Philippines. The webcast will be aired thru the facilities extended to us by Globe, Infocom, Digitel and Eastern Telecoms

Visit the Government Portal for the link.


*Longer Hours for Nitro!

(Oct 14, 2003) All Nitro Users in Pangasinan and Zambales can now surf the web longer! Nitro cards now allow for 10 hours PEAK access and up to 20 hours OFF-Peak access (7pm- 7am). This promo will last up to December of this year.

We have also increased our dialup capacity to:

  56k Line 33k Line
Pangasinan 150 60
Zambales 0 15


*Bitstop Tapped for Ms Earth Webcast

(Oct 14, 2003) Hotel Intercon and Innove (Globe) taps Bitstop to do the live webcast of the event on Oct 31, 2003. Click here to learn more about the event.


*3rd Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)

(Oct 14, 2003) Congratulations to Mr. Francis Vidal for passing the Certified Ethical Hacking exam last Saturday (Oct 4, 2003). He is now one of five certified ethical hackers (EC-Council) in the country, and Bitstop's 3rd.

*Microsoft TechFest Well Attended

(Oct 3, 2003) Picture taken outside of CAP John Hay auditorium where the Microsoft TechFest 2003 was held. (L-R) Mr&Mrs Wilson chua, Andre Ngo, Niki Eala, Abigail Suguitan and Rodney Jao. (Not in Picture, Mr Warren Yu)

Click here to view other pictures.


*Bitstop Webcasts DZRH

MBC logo(Oct 2, 2003) Bitstop is happy to announce that DZRH is now being streamed online via eradioportal.com. DZRH is owned and managed by Manila Broadcasting Company.


*Bitstop President awarded Microsoft MVP

(Oct 2, 2003) Bitstop is proud to announce that its President, Mr. Wilson Chua, has been awarded the Microsoft MVP recognition.  MVP stands for Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals.

To quote from the Microsoft MVP site: "The Microsoft MVP Program is a worldwide award and recognition program that strives to identify amazing individuals in technical communities around the globe who share a passion for technology and the spirit of community. Microsoft MVPs are recognized for both their demonstrated practical expertise and willingness to share their experience with peers in Microsoft technical communities."

For more details on the MVP program, check out http://www.microsoft.com/mvp

*GlobeStar Seminar in Isabela

(Oct 2, 2003) GlobeStar Computer Systems invites the public to a whole day seminar to be held on October 21, 2003 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm at La Salette University, function Room, Dubinan East, Santiago City. This seminar will focus on designing network, security risk, network security and counter-hacking measures.

The seminar and lecture will be conducted by SMC Network Certified Engineers and EC council Certified Ethical Hackers from Bitstop Network Services

*Softrigger Visits Bitstop Dagupan

(Oct 1, 2003) Picture shows our guests from Softrigger, Mr Carlos Sevilla, Gerard Parra and Leo David, who came over from Manila to visit Bitstop and look at our operations.

Photo also shows Mr Francis Vidal, BNS Webmaster who was on hand and briefed them on BNS web operations.

*Cagayan.NET soon to Link to Bitstop

(Oct 1, 2003) Bitstop is happy to announce that Cagayan.net will soon be connected to Bitstop via a 256kbps lease line.

*Another Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)

(Sep 29, 2003) Congratulations to Mr. Jon Co for passing the Certified Ethical Hacking exam last Saturday (Sep 27, 2003). He is now one of the four certified ethical hackers (EC-Council) in the country.


*Register for Microsoft Techfest 2003

(Sep 27, 2003) Only a few seats are left for the Microsoft Techfest 2003. Click here to learn more details about the event!

*Technology Based Training from ASTI

(Sep 27, 2003) The Advanced Science and Technology Institute is pleased to announce an exciting new service for institutions connected to PREGINET - the ASTI elearning service.

Through the PREGINET network, many courses in IT, desktop, business and professional courses will be made available to users nationwide at a very low price.

Check out this site for more details.

*Lower Rates for Extreme Bronze!

(Sep 25, 2003) Bitstop Network Service is happy to announce the lower pricing for Extreme Bronze Plans from 990.00 per month to 790.00 per month.

Extreme Bronze Plan allows for unmetered 56K dialup Internet access from 7:00pm to 7:00 am of the next day.

*New Hosted Sites @ Bitstop

(Sep 25, 2003) Please visit the following new sites hosted at bitstop  Wedding Destinations. The site was designed by Manilavoice.

*Bitstop's Newest MCSA

(Sep 25, 2003) Bitstop congratulates Ms Medilyn 'Bing' Berces for passing the 070-218 exam 'Managing a Microsoft windows 2000 Network Environment' Exam. She is now the first MCSA at Bitstop.

We also wish to congratulate Mr Henry Rayos for passing the 070-229 ' Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server2000 Enterprise Edition'.

*Bitstop and Level-Up in Direct Peering Talks

(Sep 19, 2003) Mr Gil Edeza and Mr John Ang are in the process of ironing out the details for Bitstop and Level-Up to be directly connected to each other.

When peering is done, all Bitstop Internet users in Ilocos, La Union, Pangasinan, Zambales and Tuguegarao will experience better game experience when playing the hugely popular Ragnarok game.

Bitstop will also stock up on Ragnarok cards and distribute it thru our dealer networks.


*“NitrOmania!” Grand Raffle

(Sep 17, 2003)  Nitro Users can get a chance to win these fabulous prizes from the Nitr0mania Grand Raffle: 

1st Prize-  MP3 3300 Nokia phone 
2nd Prize-  Sony DVD player
3rd Prize- Creative MP3 Player
Consolation Prizes- 10 Palm Zire Handhelds

Click here for the mechanics. Additional note: Eligible cards are the victoria london, eminem and silly cd cards. The old blue and aubrey miles cards will not be allowed as entries. Per DTI-NCR Permit # 2639 Series of 2003.

*Bitstop to add 56k dialup lines

(Sep 16, 2003) By the end of the week, PLDT should have deployed the an additional 30 dial up lines that are 56kbps with v.44 compression into our systems.

This will provide a total of 150 dialups lines of 56kbps access in addition to our 64 dialup lines of 33.6kbps


*Cyber Security and Anti-Hack Seminar

(Sep 14, 2003) Bitstop Network Services and St Paul University in Tuguegarao will be holding a Cyber Security and Hacking Countermeasures seminar on Sept 29, 2003.

The seminar aims to increase awareness in the dangers of cyber attacks and how to protect against them. The seminar is a part of the full 5-day EC-council Certified Ethical Hacker course currently being delivered at Ateneo Professional Schools.

Interested parties please contact St Paul University.

*V.92 Supported @ Bitstop!

(Sep 12, 2003) The newly adopted ITU V92 modem standard and its companion V44 compression standard enhance Internet communications, offering multiple advantages over the older V90 V42bis standard. The most apparent improvement for most users will be the dramatic increase in Web browsing speed provided by the V44 compression standard.

The V92 data standard offers several additional advantages including QuickConnect, faster upstream data transfers, and support for call waiting -- QuickConnect can reduce the negotiation or "handshake" time at the beginning of a call in half. The V92 standard increases the maximum data upload speed more than 40 percent -- from 33,600 bps to 48,000.

The V92 Modem-on-Hold feature enhances telephone Call Waiting service by allowing a user to receive a voice call while online, put the online session on hold during the call, and then resume the online session. This feature is especially convenient in households with a single phone line. Besides a local telephone company's Call Waiting service, Modem-on-Hold requires compatible v.92 modem (preferably, USRobotics)

*Visit Big Bike Riders of Dagupan Home Page

(Sep 6, 2003) BROD is a project of Mr Jowell Matito a member of bigbike riders of dagupan. He is currently based in Kuwait, working as a graphic designer, cartoonist and art director.

Click here to view the site.


*Longest Online User for August!

(Sep 5, 2003) Picture shows Ms Lilia Dumlao, Bitstop Inc, handing over the Logitech Wingman to  Mr Rommel Alcaide of Wizworx, Binalonan. Mr Alcaide logged on continuously for 30.36 hours!

The contest is still on for this month's longest online contest! We will be giving out 4 prizes to this month's top users! The 4 prizes this month are: 2 copies of Virtual Body, Dr solomon Anti-virus and GunMAN (the game) Check it out.

*MSDN Techfest Baguio!

(Sep 4, 2003) Microsoft Philippines will be holding an MSDN Techfest in Baguio.

Venue is Function Room 1 & 2, Camp-John Hay Trade & Cultural Center, Camp John-Hay, Loakan Rd., Baguio City. The event will be held on Oct 3, 2003 9-5pm.

Details to Follow!  Only 100 seats available. Contact: sales@dagupan.com

*Congrats Mam Tessie!!

(Aug 28, 2003) Picture shows Mam Tessie as she is awarded the trophy for winning the Asian International Tennis Federation Veterans OPEN ladies in Thailand.


*Patch your Systems against MSBlaster

(Aug 15, 2003) If you cant update your server with the patches from Microsoft Windowsupdate web site, it's because it is being targetted right now by the MSBlaster Worm. You can download the same files from here, Click on your operating system to get the patches:

Windows NT, Windows2000,WindowsXP, Windows2003

*Internet Access Promotions

(Aug 13, 2003) BNS is proud to announce the following promotions for its internet access offerings:

Longest Online Reward
For August, the subscriber with the longest online time in a single logon session will win a Logitech Wingman Game Controller worth 4,000 pesos. Check it out.

Xtreme Silver Plan
For a low monthly of only 1760.00 VAT inclusive, enjoy unmetered internet access from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

Free Modem Bundle
For all new Xtreme 56k accounts, we are offering free internal DLINK modem for a 1 year subscription.

Call us or email help@dagupan.com for more details!


*W32/Blaster Alert!

(Aug 12, 2003) From Sophos Website: W32/Blaster-A is a worm that scans networks looking for computers vulnerable to Microsoft's DCOM RPC security exploit.

On finding a suitable victim the worm causes the remote machine to acquire a copy of the worm using TFTP, which is saved as msblast.exe in the Windows system folder.

Additionally the worm creates the following registry entry so as to run on system start:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion\Run\windows auto update

After August 15 the worm will launch a distributed denial-of-service attack on windowsupdate.com

These are the links for countering this threat:

DCOM ISS Scanner
DCOM Cleaner for Infected Boxes
Microsoft Bulletin
Download the Patch from our ftp server

*Crossover Live! Ogie Alcasid Concert

Ogie Alcasid(Aug 12, 2003) Exquisite entertainment will fill the Captain's Bar of the Mandarin Oriental on Wednesday August 13 at 8:00 p.m. as 105.1 Crossover continues their monthly concert series dubbed "Crossover Presents" with Ogie Alcasid. Joining him onstage are vocal quartet The Opera and Crossover's resident musicians under the musical direction of Gerard Salonga.

For ticket inquiries, call the Crossover office at 712-9755 or 712-9764, Ticket World at 891-5610 or Captain's Bar at 750-8888.

The Live webcast is cancelled.


*W32/Blaster Alert!

(Aug 12, 2003) From Sophos Website: W32/Blaster-A is a worm that scans networks looking for computers vulnerable to Microsoft's DCOM RPC security exploit.

On finding a suitable victim the worm causes the remote machine to acquire a copy of the worm using TFTP, which is saved as msblast.exe in the Windows system folder.

Additionally the worm creates the following registry entry so as to run on system start:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows \CurrentVersion\Run\windows auto update

After August 15 the worm will launch a distributed denial-of-service attack on windowsupdate.com

These are the links for countering this threat:

DCOM ISS Scanner
DCOM Cleaner for Infected Boxes
Microsoft Bulletin
Download the Patch from our ftp server

*Crossover Live! Ogie Alcasid Concert

Ogie Alcasid(Aug 12, 2003) Exquisite entertainment will fill the Captain's Bar of the Mandarin Oriental on Wednesday August 13 at 8:00 p.m. as 105.1 Crossover continues their monthly concert series dubbed "Crossover Presents" with Ogie Alcasid. Joining him onstage are vocal quartet The Opera and Crossover's resident musicians under the musical direction of Gerard Salonga.

For ticket inquiries, call the Crossover office at 712-9755 or 712-9764, Ticket World at 891-5610 or Captain's Bar at 750-8888.

The Live webcast is cancelled.


*'True Convergence'

(Aug 8, 2003) Chikka TV and Bitstop jointly showed how ChikkaTV system can link Cable TV channels to SMS Txt and provide additional revenue to Cable TV operators.

Look closer and you will see that Chikka TV can also use www.eradioportal.com webcast to bring internet radio  to the cable TV channels!

This is first time that FM radio stations can be heard on Cable TV, via the internet. This is TRUE convergence of TV, Cable, SMS, Internet and Radio!

Convergence has arrived.


*PLDT Top Brass Visits Bitstop

(Aug 8, 2003) Photo shows Bitstop Management with PLDT top brass like Mr. Ariel Roda Senior VP Business Development, Mr. Eric Alberto Senior VP Corporate Business Group , Mrs. Nerissa Ramos VP Business Solutions and Mr. Boy Castaneda.

PLDT is in the region to ....(NDA) ..... :)

What we can reveal though, is that Sir Eric loved the local caviar at Leisure Coast! It went well with the white wine.

*Bitstop Welcomes Jon Back!

(Aug 8, 2003) Jon Christopher Co is now back at Bitstop. Jon brings with him years of expertise in Network Management, troubleshooting and Network Security.

Welcome Jonc! Photo shot during the sweltering heat in Shanghai , where Jon and his mom went.



*Bitstop Event Pictures

(Aug 4, 2003) Pictures from recent Bitstop events like EC council and Sophos Anti-virus.


*New Mass Mailing Worm

(Aug 3, 2003) Sophos, a global leader in computer anti-virus protection for businesses, is urging system administrators to take action against W32/Mimail-A, a new mass-mailing worm which has hit hard in the United States.

"W32/Mimail-A arrives in an email claiming to be from your administrator," says Paul Ducklin, Sophos's Head of Technology, Asia Pacific. "It suggests that your email account will expire soon and urges you to read the attached information. The attachment, called 'message.zip', isn't a message at all - it's a copy of the worm, which scours your hard disk looking for email addresses for its next round of victims."


*CableTV, SMS & Internet Convergence Workshop

(Aug 2, 2003) Bitstop Computer and Chikka Asia, Inc. invite you to  a special event on Thursday, August 7, 2003 (1pm-3pm)  @ Star Plaza Hotel,  Dagupan City focusing on convergence of cable TV, Internet and SMS.


  • How to transform your cable TV operation to make it converge with the Internet and SMS (Text Messaging)
  • How to interconnect with major GSM/SMS networks through Chikka TV.
  • How Bitstop can help you with the bandwidth you need and the PC hardware needed to start the business immediately.
  • How to make money with local advertisements and develop new business opportunities.

    So join us on Thursday and bring home ALL U NEED to set up truly interactive community TV, instantly! Interested Parties may contact Sheila (sheilaa@dagupan.com) or call us up at our office. Only 30 seats are available. Priority will be given to Cable TV operators.

*Library List on ASTI Website

(July 30, 2003) Sir Denis F. Villorente of ASTI invites the public to visit a  listing of libraries worldwide at this site http://libweb.preginet.net which contains a list of libraries in over 115 countries. They are also inviting other libraries to join by using the form at the bottom of the webpage



*PGMA SONA webcast on Monday

(July 27, 2003) Bitstop has been tapped by the OPS to  webcast President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's State of the Nation Address on Monday, July 28, 2003 at 4:00pm

Here are the links to the archive from NBN (PTV4):
Globe Telecoms
Eastern Telecoms

*Palm Tungsten C runs on our WiFi

TUNGSTEN | C(July 26, 2003) Our thanks to Jam of Microwarehouse for letting us play around with Palm's most powerful handheld--Tungsten C.

It has a 400MHz Intel processor with XScale technology, 320x320 Transflective TFT color screen , Palm OS® 5.2.1, a built-in keyboard, Web browser, and auto-get email software, VersaMail 2.5.

The built-in 802.11b WiFi connects seamlessly with our Xtreme WiFi service to allow Palm users to surf the web and check their email. It can also have an optional camera. One wish list: add multimedia capability. We can't play windows media or realplayer files on the unit.


*Sophos Partner Event @ Baguio Country Club

Sophos - anti-virus for business
(July 26, 2003) Sophos and Bitstop will be conducting a Partner event for Sophos' line of anti-virus solutions. The details of the event are as follows:

Press Launch
Date : 04th August 2003
Time : 11am - 1.30pm

Channel Partner Event
Date : 04th August 2003
Time : 2.30pm - 5pm

Training Center I
Baguio Country Club
Country club Road,
Baguio City

Interested Parties can contact:
Or Call:
+6375-522-5089 and Look for Tina or Marlon



*EC-Council Seminar in August

(July 19, 2003) Mr. Haja Mohideen, CEH, Technical Director of International Council of E-Commerce Consultants, will be conducting a seminar on how to acquire and offer e-Business Courses from EC Council.

The seminar will be held at: Room 525, Yuchenco Institute of Advance Studies, Level 5 Podium 4, RCBC Plaza, Ayala Ave. Makati City on August 01, 2003, from 1:00pm to 5:00pm. Interested parties may contact beaml@bitstop.ph for reservation.

For more details click here.

*TARELCO orders Sophos Antivirus

(July 19, 2003) Tarlac Electric Cooperative (TARELCO) has just ordered 51 licenses of Sophos Antivirus to protect their corporate network.

Sophos is a world leader in protecting businesses against viruses, with over 20 million users. They defend organisations of all sizes with their software and first class 24x7 support.

*Bitstop attends Sophos Antivirus training in Thailand

(July 17, 2003) Bitstop attends Sophos Antivirus' 3-day technical training in Thailand. From left to right: Jane Chua, Wilson Chua, Clarence Phua, and Charles Cousins (Sophos Asia Pacific Managing Director).


*eRadioPortal.com adds 3 Cebu-based stations

(July 15, 2003) eRadioPortal.com is now streaming stations coming from Cebu -- EnergyFM, KillerBee, and RX Cebu. Bitstop would like to thank Joevel Rivera, Bubot Dorado, and Greg Paloma of Eastern Telecoms (ETPI) for facilitating the server co-location.

*System Demo in Cebu

(July 13, 2003) Bitstop is invited by Redwood Ventures to present a Diskless Lan demonstration in Cebu on Monday July 14, 2003. All workstations in the Lan do not have a hard disk installed. Instead, the workstations use PXE boot to access the file server's hard disk over the LAN.

This is not a terminal client solution. The workstations run windows 2000 professional and uses its own cpu power for processing. No UPS is needed since there is no hard disk to protect! The demo shows the system running in a windows2003 active directory environment.

The system will use the recent advances made in file and printer sharing in Windows2003 together with Proxy and Bandwidth Management solution by Logisense called CacheXpress Lite v 2.1.11

*eRadioportal soon to add 3 more Cebu Stations

(July 14, 2003) Together with support from Globe Telecoms Cebu, Bitstop is set to deploy encoders to stream 3 FM radio stations in Cebu on Tuesday, July 16, 2003.


*Microsoft meets CHED and TESDA 

(July 8, 2003) Photo shows Microsoft's Sam Jacoba and Leanne Lambino, together with Conrad Manalac of Southeastern College pay a courtesy call on  Director Del Rosario and Dra Pascua of TESDA and CHED respectively

*Microsoft IPR Seminar

(July 7, 2003) Microsoft talks on IPR and Microsoft Licensing programs for Academic Institutions. The seminar also tackled various Microsoft initiatives for education.

The event was covered by ABS-CBN. Click here to view.



*TI HelpDesk gets MOUS Certification 

(July 4, 2003) Ms Christine Anne Martinez Aguas and MsJoanne Aguilar Flores, both of Texas Instruments Help Desk, today successfully hurdled the MOUS exams for Excel 2000 and PowerPoint 2000.

The certifications are invaluable for both Christine and Joane in their job of providing frontline support to the members of the TI family in Baguio.

*New MCP @ i.mind 

(July 4, 2003) Our congratulations to Mr Darvin C. Francisco, a former tech support of LINKSYS and graduate of AMA University, who passed the Microsoft 270-210 exam (Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional) today, July 04,2003.

Darvin plans to take more certification exams in the future. So you would be seeing a lot of him in this website!

*Microsoft in Education Roadshow 

(July 3, 2003) This is a reminder for the Microsoft event that is going to be conducted on July 7 at Leisure Coast, Dagupan City (9am- 12nn) and again on July 8 at BCF Auditorium in Baguio City (9:00am-12nn). 

Speakers for the event include Mr Sam Jacoba for Microsoft Roadmap in Education, Mr Ritchie Lozada for Microsoft.NET in Education, and Mr Conrad Manalac for Training and Certification.

Evaluation copies of much sought after Windows2003 will be given away in the event.


*Another Exam Passser @i.Mind 

(July 3, 2003) Mr. Joel C. Castillo, took and passed the Microsoft Exam 070-215 ( Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft Windows 2000 Server) this morning.

He is a former System Administrator of Vantage Information Services.

*Rural Connectivity Seminar by ASTI 

(July 3, 2003) Entitled Providing Technology and Business Solutions for Sustainable Rural Connectivity in the Philippines", this seminar will be held on July 9, 2003, 1:00PM- 6:00PM at the Skytop, Hotel Intercontinental Manila, Makati City

Speakers include Hon. Virgilio L. Pena (Keynote Speaker), Hon. Cecilia V. Reyes, Mr. George Lim, Mr. Joey Magalona and  Dr. Beth Manugue

*CDN by IBM 

(June 29, 2003)IBM will be conducting a 3-day, IBM Content Manager On Demand enablement from July 2-4, at the Eastwood City, Cyberpark.

*Microsoft Windows 2000 SP4 now out

(June 29, 2003) Bitstop has downloaded the latest service pack from Microsoft for Windows 2000 operating systems.

Click here to download the file.


*After CCNA, its MCP naman!

(June 28, 2003) Our congratulations again to Mr. Arnold G. Barria, who took and passed the Microsoft Exam 070-216 (Implementing and Administering a Microsoft Network Infrastructure) this morning at our i.MIND office in Caloocan.


*Microsoft in Education Roadshow

(June 28, 2003) Microsoft is going to conduct a roadshow on July 7 at Computronix College, Dagupan (9am- 12nn) and on July 8 at BCF Auditorium (9:00am-12nn). Microsoft will highlight its advantages and presence in education.

Speakers for the event include Mr Sam Jacoba for Microsoft Roadmap in Education, Mr Ritchie Lozada for Microsoft.NET in Education, and Mr Conrad Manalac for Training and Certification.


*For Hardcore PC Enthusiasts

(June 27, 2003) Bitstop Inc is now promoting case mod products from Sunbeam.



*Welcome Johann

(June 21, 2003) Picture shows Johann Domi from Iseec in Paris France, surrounded by our internet department ladies.

Johann is here for about a month for OJT.

*WindowsUpdate TurboMode

(June 21, 2003) Bitstop is opening up our SUS server (Windows Software Update Server) to Philippine Internet Users. This server stores all of the patches from the Microsoft Windows Update site.

Updates sourced from our server would be faster specially for all our internet clients, and those peered with ASTI, MIX, Mozcom, Digitel, PLDT, Eastern and Globe.

The catch is, you need to edit your registry to point your machine to using our SUServer. Here are the entries you need to make:

HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows \WindowsUpdate\AU

NoAutoUpdate, Reg_Dword, 0

HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows \WindowsUpdate


Or you can download and install this reg file as a shortcut.



*BNS staff passes EC-Council CRM exam

(June 19, 2003) Ms. Myra de Guzman, a Bitstop Network Services staff of i.Mind (Caloocan), has recently passed the EC-Council Customer Relationship Management exam (Exam 212-16). 

Our Congratulations! 

M'am Jaysie when will you take the exam din???? 



*Ilokandia.ph now up in Vigan

(June 18, 2003) Ilokandia.ph which is jointly managed by both Bitstop Network Services, Inc. (Pangasinan) and Basic Internet (La Union) is now open for operations in Ilocos Sur. The Nitro Cards will be available in major computer shops and cyber cafes.

Ilokandia.ph will continue the Mozcom franchise with the dialup number of 723-6888. This is the pilot number for 30 dialup lines with 56k speed. 

At present this dialup number is only accessible from Ilocos Sur Digitel lines. It will take at least 60 days for the number to be operational from PLDT or other Digitel lines outside of Ilocos Sur.

The website is maintained, developed and hosted at Basic.


*UP Baguio Now Multihomed

(June 17, 2003) UP Baguio  installed a Cisco1700 to utilize their lease line link to SLU Baguio and to Mozcom Baguio via DSL.

The Cisco router is programmed to dual home between Mozcom and SLU link. So in case the primary link to Mozcom goes down, the traffic will be routed to SLU.

Bitstop assisted in its deployment.

*DWAD Debuts Wifi Service in Dagupan

(June 13, 2003) Divine Word Academy of Dagupan is the first high school in the area to test out Bitstop's Wifi service.

From a multilnk PPP connection using 2 dialup lines, Bitstop migrated DWAD's internet to use 256kbps Wifi service.

*Check out RAMTECPHIL website

(June 10, 2003) Bitstop is proud to be chosen by RAMTEC to host its website. Please visit the site here.

In this site you'll find hundreds of online courses, accredited degree programs, certificates, professional continuing education and learning resources in 155 subject areas offered by educational institutions, companies and individuals from all over the world.

*Try out new stuff

(June 9, 2003) From Mozcom, try out the new Mozcom dialer and personal portal page. From download.com, try out the rxtx software that measures your internet connection.

*JGR Computers 1st Wifi Hotspot in Dagupan

(June 9, 2003) The public is invited to visit JGR computers (Ramcad) in front of St John's Cathedral to experience the speed of Bitstop's XTREME WiFi service.

JGR comptuers is connected via wireless 802.11 with 1mbps of raw bandwidth. The pipe is configured for a 256kbps burst and a 32kbps CIR.


*6th Philippine Webby Awards Hosted@Bitstop

(May 31, 2003) The Official website for the Philippine Webby Awards will soon be up, and hosted here at Bitstop.

Click here to visit the site.

*Demand the Truth about your DSL

(May 30, 2003) DSL subscribers in Dagupan have started noticing a widening gap between the bandwidth they are paying for, and what they are actually getting! 

While DSL as a technology is great, not all DSL providers follow the transparency of Eastern Telecoms. Check out their published rates here

CIR stands for Committed Information Rate. This is the guaranteed portion of the bandwidth that they allot to each of their subscribers. So when everyone logs on, the CIR is the lowest bandwidth you will get. If your DSL provider sets a 8kbps CIR for you, then chances are, that is what you will get, despite having a '256kbps'.

Do you know your CIR?

*Low-cost router solution coming soon

(May 29, 2003) Bitstop has successfully signed a licensing agreement with a foreign-based company to create PC-based router systems for both wired and wireless environments. The systems are capable of doing BGP, RIP, and OSPF routing protocols, bandwidth management, VPN using IPSec, PPTP, or L2TP, and a lot more.

*Join the Wireless Challenge!

(May 27 , 2003) The Wireless Challenge is the first ever, nationwide student programming competition aimed at showcasing the IT skills and capabilities of the Filipino youth in the development of specific applications for wireless devices.

Over P650,000 in cash prize await the best and the brightest IT students and P150,000 for the schools they represent. To join, accomplish the online registration form available at http://www.eitsc.com/youthcontest03.php

*Bitstop awarded Best Mozcom POP

(May 26, 2003) Mozcom has honored Bitstop Inc as this years' Best Point of Presence. The award was received by Mr John Ang. 

*Bitstop attends 11th TMNS Conference

(May 23, 2003) Mr and Mrs John Ang, along with Francis V are our participants to the 11th Mozcom Conference held in Evercrest Golf Resort in Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas (near Tagaytay).

The conference is a bi-annual event that brings together all the Mozcom POPs (point of presence) franchisees in our area.

*Bitstop & Comclark Peering in the works

(May 23, 2003) Bayantel is currently installing the E1 peering link between Bitstop and Comclark (Instanet). Once commissioned, the link will bring subscribers of both networks closer than ever before.

This infrastructure will enable future value added service that both Bitstop and Comclark plans to bring to its subscribers.

*Mozilla Firebird 0.6 browser now available for download

(May 20, 2003) Mozilla Firebird is a redesign of the Mozilla browser component, similar to Galeon, K-Meleon and Camino™, but written using the XUL user interface language and designed to be cross-platform. More information about Mozilla Firebird is available at the Mozilla Firebird Project Page. Bitstop clients can download the zip file direct from our FTP server.

*Bitstop & Basic to Offer Nitro In Ilocos 

(May 16, 2003) Bitstop and Basic Internet are in the process of finalizing plans to bring the highly popular Nitro Internet Cards to the Ilocos region.

Plans call for offering full 56k access via 256kbps back haul to Bitstop. Operation is expected to start by June 15, 2003.

*Bitstop Test 11mbps link with UL & LNU 

(May 9, 2003) Bitstop Inc. is currently testing the 11mbps link between us, University of Luzon, and Lyceum Northwestern University.

These deployments provide the 2 universities with the biggest bandwidth in the country. The link is powered by a Cisco BR350.

*Microsoft Phils. nominates Bitstop President for MVP 

(May 8, 2003) Bitstop has received news from Mr Mark Yambot , Microsoft Phils, that Mr Wilson L. Chua, president of Bitstop Inc, has been recently nominated as MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Microsoft.

Bitstop is honored by such a nomination.

*New CCNA from i.Mind testing Center 

(May 8, 2003) We congratulate Mr. Arnold G. Barria for passing his second exam at i.Mind.  Mr Barria, a Microsoft Certified Professional, is now also a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA).


*Bitstop Tests SUS in R&D Lab 

(May 8, 2003) Software Update ServicesMicrosoft Software Update Services (SUS) is designed to greatly simplify the process of keeping Windows-based systems up-to-date with the latest critical updates. SUS enables administrators to quickly and reliably deploy critical updates to their Windows 2000-based servers and Windows 2003-based servers as well as desktop computers running Windows 2000 Professional or Windows XP Professional.

*ISSSP's  'Know Thy Enemy' 

(May 7-8, 2003) After the successful staging of the country’s first IT Security conference last September 11-12, 2002, the Information Systems Security Society of the Philippines (ISSSP) once again embarks on a mission to go deeper into the realms of potential security threats and exposures.

Prominent Security Consultants and Hackers from USA, Canada, Europe, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Australia and the Philippines will present the current threats, issues and trends in Information Security. Venue is at Hotel Intercon, May 7- 8 , 2003.

*Greenwich Website now up! 

*Microsoft Phil to Launch Win2003 

Get ready for Windows Server 2003Get ready for Windows Server 2003

Hosted by Microsoft, this special event starts with a morning keynote outlining Microsoft® Windows Server® 2003 and Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET 2003. You’ll hear case studies from some of the country’s leading organizations, learn about new and enhanced features, and see how you can provide more connected, dependable and productive solutions for your customers.

*St Paul University Activates E1 Link

(April 30, 2003) Bitstop Inc is happy to announce the successful migration of St Paul University's internet access to an E1 (2048kbps).

The last mile was provided by Globe Telecoms.

*WCCP v2.0 now deployed

(April 26, 2003) Mr Francis Vidal successfully deployed WCCP v 2.0 on our cache servers. WCCP stands for web cache control protocol and is supported on all our major routers.

By deploying WCCP v 2.0, all our routers can intelligently load balance web traffic across our cache/content servers. This results in faster web browsing for our clients.

* Addendum: The OOPS program, while working beautifully for wccp2 had some finetunning. We had to disable this pending new drivers.

*Bitstop now has 3 C/EA!

(April 25-28, 2003) Wilson L. Chua, Beam Lee and John Ang successfully passed the EC Council 212-32 exam for ECommerce. They are the first in the country to be Certified e-Business Associates.

This Ecommerce certification allows Bitstop to provide valuable support to its webhosting clients that need to do online commerce.

*Radical New Things WM9 Server can do!

(April 24, 2003) What if you wanted to do shopping while listening to your favorite radio station? Well, with windows media 9 player you can! 

Try this site out ( 2 segments, each segment plays for 2 minutes, with different popup shopping sites!) Imagine what it can do for your products! 

*VMUF Internet Now 256kbps

(April 24, 2003) Virgen Milagrosa Educational Foundation in San Carlos City, Pangasinan recently upgraded its internet connection to 256kbps.

*Know more about S.A.R.S

(April 23, 2003) Get the facts from the experts.  Check out the Center for Disease Control and Prevention website.

*Holy Week Schedule

(April 16, 2003) Bitstop Inc will be closed on Thursday and Friday in observance of the Lenten season. We will open with a skeleton crew on Saturday to attend to emergency needs but full operations resume on Monday. We wish you have a peaceful and hassle-free long weekend!

*Is your software license legal?

(April 14, 2003) Microsoft teaches you how to tell if your operating system and application software is legally licensed or not.  Click here to know. 

*New Hosted Sites @ Bitstop

(April 14, 2003) As the only museum in the country dedicated to the collection, display and interpretation of modern Philippine art, the Ateneo Art Gallery is poised to engage with the richness and diversity of the art of our time.

As a university art museum, it seeks to animate cultural life on campus and serve as an art resource for students as well as the general public.

The Gallery seeks to promote the excellence of contemporary Philippine visual expression by providing a forum where various perspectives can meet. It does this unmindful of the canons, pantheons or histories that commonly implicate and complicate the relationships between and among artists and their works.

*Bitstop Featured in MCT

(April 14, 2003) Click here to read about Bitstop Inc as it is featured in Metropolitan Computer Times. Our thanks to Mr Melvin Calimag and Alex Villafania for the nice writeup.

*PSU Contestants Lands 2nd Place!

(April 12, 2003) The official results of the recently concluded Microsoft Office Olympics 2002: Nationwide Competition is now posted  here.

Pangasinan State University brought honor to Pangasinan by placing 2nd place in both the Word and Excel competion! Our congratulations. Incidentally, Kristine is now working @ Bitstop.

The Microsoft Office Olympics is a college-level student competition pitting the skills of contestants in using two popular Microsoft Office XP applications (namely, Word 2002 and Excel 2002) using the Microsoft Office Specialist examinations as an objective measurement of proficiency.

*Bitstop Adds 30 new 56k Dialup Lines

(April 9, 2003) Bitstop just signed an order for Digitel to install 30 additional 56kbps dialup lines. These lines will be installed in the next 30 days.

*RedHat 9.0 3-CD set now availabe

(April 5, 2003) RedHat 9.0 is now available from Bitstop. The entire set is P450.00.

*11mpbs HotSpot via HP 5450 

(March 28, 2003) Downtown Dagupan is one Big 11mbps HOTSPOT. Users can bring their HP IPaq 5450 PDA with built-in 802.11b and bluetooth and experience surfing at 11mpbs along AB Fernandez Ave. where Bitstop has deployed a Cisco BR350 wireless access point.

Bitstop thanks Mr Alex Villafania, staff writer of Metropolitan Computer Times for loaning us  the HP IPaq unit and  Mr Jimeno of HP Support who provide troubleshooting for the VPN setup.

Why is this important? You can now bring your  802.11b(Wireless LAN) powered PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and be conected to the Internet at full 11mpbs speed! 

If you own a PDA and would like to have a FREE limited time trial,  please drop by our office and we will set it up for you! Offer is limited to the first 10 people to avail of this....Of course, you get the priority if you bought your PDA from us :)

*One Internet Day 2003 

(March 28, 2003) Bitstop was invited to deliver a presentation on the status of the internet in region 1. This forms part of the activities of One Internet Day 2003 celebrations organized by Digital filipino.

Here is our presentation. The report is based on the inputs from the major ISPs Telcos and Educational Institution  in Region I. Our thanks to PLDT, Digitel, BASIC, Comclark, Mozcom Vigan, NULaoag, DWCLaoag, Lyceum Northwestern, VMUF, University of Luzon, St Paul Vigan, MMSU, DMMSU etal.

*AMA University Graduate now an MCP

(March 28, 2003) Mr.Arnold G. Barria a graduate of AMA University, passed the 070-215 (Windows 2000 server) exam today. He is the newest Microsoft Certified Professional to pass at i.Mind's certification review and  testing center.


*Microsoft TechNET Seminar on April 3

(March 27, 2003) There are only a few seats available for the Microsoft TechNET Seminar scheduled on April 3, 2003 at the Baguio Country Club from 9:00am to 5:30 pm. There is no registration fee and a limitation of 2 delegates per company.

Topics include:

  • Building Business Intelligence with Office XP and SQL 2000 Analysis Services

  • SQL Server 2000 Security features and considerations  

  • Best Practices for .NET Development  

  • Best Practices for Building Web Services with VS.NET  

This seminar is best suited for database and systems administrators and developers. 

Please email  Cristina de Venecia  to reserve your seat. 

Special Thanks to Mr Peter Ang of Laser Mktg for helping with the venue.

*First Certified Ethical Hackers in the Philippines

(March 27, 2003) We congratulate Mr. Jonathan P. Miclat and Mr. Jomel C. Vergara, trainors of Ateneo Information Technology Institute, and Mr. Wilson Chua of Bitstop Inc. who have successfully hurdled exam 312-50 to attain the Certified Ethical Hacker certification.  

The AITI staff are also certified EC Council trainors and will be conducting a course on April 21 - 25, 2003.  See announcement below for more details. 


*New 'Toys' @ Bitstop

(March 20, 2003) Bitstop thanks our suppliers for testing the EPoX USB  Bluetooth Dongle, Promise Supertrack SX6000 and the SuperSwap 1000 hot-swappable drive casings.

  • The USB Bluetooth Dongle can make a data call to our NOC using the Nokia 7650. It allows you to  send, receive, print and fax from any other bluetooth enabled device.

  • Turn fault-tolerant Promise ATA RAID arrays into professional, hot swappable storage subsystems for network servers or workstations. The removable hot swap assembly permits replacing a failed drive without powering down the server or opening the PC so data is always available

*Pressroom Online featured in INQ7.net

(March 20, 2003) InfoChat's Jerry Liao just informed us that Pressroom Online has been featured in INQ7! Bitstop was also told by several companies that they are accessing this bitstop hosted site. Most notable among them are Yehey and Globe Telecoms!

Click Here to view the article.

*Contract Signing with Globe Telecom

(March 19, 2003) Mr. Jesus Romero of Globe and Mr. Wilson Chua of Bitstop affixed their signatures to the agreement that calls for Globe to supply the  leased line from Bitstop to St. Paul in Tuguegarao.  St Paul's University shall be enjoying an E1 internet connection from BNS this coming first semester of Schoolyear 2003.

*Catch these Great EC Council Courses

(March 18, 2003) Ateneo Information Technology Institute and EC council is proud to offer the following courses:

Interested Parties are urged to contact AITI at:

The Ateneo Information Technology Institute
5/F Ateneo Professional Schools Building
130 H. V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village
1227 Makati City
840-0912, 840-0892 & 840-0266

*New Exam Passers  

(March 14, 2003) Bitstop and I.mind are proud to announce , and congratulate the following for passing IT Certification Exams:

Cherry Rose R. Cabildo MS 070-216 i.Mind
Bernard G Cruz A+ 220-222 Bitstop
Israel C Palma A+ 220-222 Bitstop
Roy Aragon MS 070-215 Bitstop
Joseph Bea A+ 220-222 Bitstop
Generino P. Siddayao MOS PowerPoint Bitstop
Pedro C. Flores MOS PowerPoint Bitstop
Mary Jane Aragon MOS PowerPoint Bitstop
Gladys P. Baliuag MOS PowerPoint Bitstop
Ma. Eliza T. Cruz MOS PowerPoint Bitstop
Ma. Visitacion Gumabay MOS PowerPoint Bitstop

*1st McDO Online Order Site 

(March 13, 2003) McDonald's Bacolod makes history by being the first Mcdonald store to offer online ordering in the entire Philippines.

Bitstop is the proud host of this ground breaking site

*Apricot 2003 Pictures

(March 12, 2003) These are the pictures Mr Christian Gueco (ASTI) took during the Apricot 2003 held in Taipei, Taiwan last February.

*VMUF to Double Bandwidth

(March 12, 2003) Virgen Milagrosa Educational Foundation will be doubling their Internet access from 128kbps to 256kbps. 

The planned Internet upgrade should be operational by the end of this month.

*Microsoft TechNET Seminar

(March 11, 2003) Microsoft and Bitstop is going to conduct a TechNET Seminar. This seminar is scheduled for April 3, 2003 at the Baguio Country Club from 9:00am to 4:00pm. Special Thanks to Mr Peter Ang of Laser Mktg for helping with the venue.

Topics include:

  • Building Business Intelligence with Office XP and SQL 2000 Analysis Services

  • SQL Server 2000 Security features and considerations  

  • Best Practices for .NET Development  

  • Best Practices for Building Web Services with VS.NET  

Only 100 seats are available on a first come, first serve basis. Please register early to reserve your seat

*Boot from your USB thumbdrive

(March 10, 2003) Mrs Marlyn Garcia successfully booted to windows 98 command prompt from a TwinMOS Mobile Disk on a ASROCK GPro Motherboard.

This ability significantly enhances Bitstop's current R&D on making Network Servers more reliable by eliminating one common cause of server failure---Hard disk crashes.

*GPS-Based Finder hosted@bitstop 

(March 10, 2003) STARCOMM is a communications and electronics company that continuously pushes the limits of technology. Their innovative products provide integrated solutions to their clients in various industries making them more efficient and globally competitive. 

Clients appreciate Starcomm's technical expertise, business know-how and commitment to excellence. Click here to view their website


*SPU approves E1 Internet Access 

(March 6, 2003) The highly respected St Paul University in Tuguegarao approved a proposal from Bitstop to supply the former with an E1(2048kbps) of CIR internet access.

This makes St Paul Univesity the leading institution in the North with the biggest Internet pipe. Unlike other schools that are hesitant to power their internet with bigger bandwidth, St Paul blazed the trail with the cost-effective 2048 kbps CIR from Bitstop. This pioneering effort is in line with its policy of providing the best for its students.

The ordered bandwidth is expected to be operational before the start of the next school year. Picture shows Mr John Ang in a conference with the top brass of St Paul University.

*PressRoom hosted @ Bitstop

(March 7, 2003) Infochat's Jerry Liao and company set up Pressroom Online and it is proudly hosted at Bitstop.

PressRoom Online provides communication tools like email, chat, SMS, forum, polls, full-text news releases & multimedia from public & private companies & organizations for business-to-business, investors, consumers and communicators across the world.

*Keystone Testimonials!

(March 6, 2003) Four new Microsoft Certified Professionals joined the growing ranks of professionals that have used Keystone learning system to get rapid certification.

Our congratulations to: Arnold Castro (win2kpro),Jonathan Netro (win2kpro), Michael Solis (win2kpro) and I.mind's Bryan Acedo (SQL2k)

*Nitro Dealer Forum @ Iba, Zambales

(March 6, 2003) Bitstop Inc will be holding a Nitro Dealer Forum at Iba, Zambales. The event will be held at Mama Dear Hotel and Restaurant, on Saturday, Mar 8, 2003 from 10am to 2pm.

Click here to view the participants.

*MIss UL Beauty Pageant Webcast!

(March 6, 2003) On March 7, 2003, University of Luzon and Bitstop Inc will be webcasting, LIVE, the Search for Ms University of Luzon. ex-Gov Oscar Orbos was the guest of honor.

Click here to view the archive!

*Nokia 7650 works with Dagupan.com!

(March 5, 2003) Bitstop was able to successfully send a  captured image from a Nokia 7650 via SMS using Bitstop's Dagupan.com mail server.

Now, our websites can be updated with pictures as fast as we can send them out using our 7650.

The 3 pictures on this page are sample outputs of the Nokia 7650 as taken from the EC council class.

*EC Council ECommerce Class '2003

(March 4, 2003) Picture shows the participants of the recently concluded EC Council Ecommerce Architect course that was conducted at Ateneo Information and Technology Institute in Makati.

Click here to see picture.

*EC Council Certified Instructors

(March 3, 2003) The Philippines' first 7 EC Council Certified Instructors are shown in the picture with Mr.Krishnan Rajagopal - EC Council Trainor, to wit, Jon Christopher Sy Co, Jonathan P. Miclat, Jomel C. Vergara, Manuel J. Menancio, Fernando O. Martirez III, Gener R. Camiling, Juanito Enrique E. Lee.

Click here to see picture. 

*Bitstop Attends Apricot 2003

(Feb 26, 2003) Bitstop sent Mr Wilson Chua and Mr Francis Vidal to attend this year's APRICOT held in Taipei, Taiwan.

The APRICOT workshops they attended include BGP configuration and Troubleshooting (by our IDOL, Mr Philip Smith), IPv6 , Building Secure Networks and APNIC RPSL and IRR tutorials.

Also at the event: Mr Christian Gueco (ASTI), Rommel and Amante (Globe), Albert Pangilinan Dela Cruz (DnD) and Mr JR Contreras (Imperium)

*Microsoft Excel XP Expert

(Feb 25, 2003) Mr. Aurelie Peralta today passed the Excel XP Expert Level examinations.  He is one of the many MOUS certified instructors of PSU Urdaneta. This institution has the most number of certified staff and students in Pangasinan. 

Our congratulations and hats off to PSU's vision and direction.

*Jeff is newest CCNA from Pangasinan

(Feb 22, 2003) Bitstop would like to congratulate Mr. Jefflin Choi for passing the CCNA exam today! 

He is Pangasinan's newest Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Jefflin prepared for his exam by using Keystone Learning Systems' CCNA courseware by Todd Lamle.

*Ethical Hacking Article

(Feb 21, 2003) We would like to quote verbatim an article entitled Corporate Hackers Emerge As Good Guys (Sue Ashton-Davies 03/09/1999 Sydney Morning Herald Page 12 Copyright of John Fairfax Group Pty Ltd)

"WITH the emergence of " ethical hacking ", the destructive side of computer programming has suddenly become respectable and is even claiming cult status as an occupation. Online businesses have long been under threat from the seamier side of the digital cognoscenti who get their thrills (and an illicit income) from drilling into organisations' information systems. Media coverage brought hacking into sharp relief in the early '90s, highlighting the increasing need to implement corporate security measures and security audits. But little was done, often because there were few IT consultants who had the appropriate expertise. 

In the '80s, hackers mainly tampered with dial-up modem-based systems, which were very easy targets. In recent years, however, with the rise of data networking, hackers have risen to new challenges posed by firewalls and other security systems. The extent of hacking-related corporate crime has long been unknown because most companies have been reluctant to talk about it.  

But there is no doubt about the need for professional expertise inside corporations. Some experts say up to 30 per cent of companies are at risk, and most online crime is perpetrated from within organisations. The need for such expertise has given rise to a new mini industry: ethical hacking.

There are two types of "ethical hacker". First there is the reformed hacker who claims to have changed his spots and now works for the good side to solve corporate security problems. But Dean Kingsley, security specialist and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu partner, says most companies will understandably doubt those with a murky past. "These people come out of the disreputable part of the spectrum and companies quite reasonably suspect that because they used to do this for the joy of it why should they be trusted with the same non-disclosure and confidentiality as its other advisers," he says.  

But this is not the typical profile. Today's ethical hacker is most likely to come from a network consulting background with a penchant for finding vulnerability in a system. Kingsley says it has taken most of the decade for ethical hacking to gain some credibility. "Now network security consultants have discovered that one of the tools in its armoury needs to be ethical hacking. We see this as offering a complete service to our clients and something that has grown out of being one of the good guys doing something about the bad guys' techniques," he says. 

As quickly as it gains credibility, ethical hacking is gaining ground as a specialist arm of network consulting. "We are seeing that organisations are getting far more worried as security solutions get far more sophisticated and need people with that specialist expertise," Kingsley says. "Banks used to be embarrassed to admit they had hackers on the inside, but these days organisations will talk more openly about the fact it's one of the jobs they need doing." 

Kingsley says a typical scenario involves implementing high-risk services such as Internet banking, a natural target for hacking, where the ethical hackers are invited in to provide the final test before a system goes live. "Although they had done a fair amount of testing themselves they didn't feel like they had a handle on the best- practice hacking." 

Like any specialist, ethical hackers come armed with the shared knowledge of being part of a global community that regularly consults with the wider world of hacking. Their qualifications are usually Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or Cisco Certified Network Engineer, and the kit contains a battery of tests and scanners, tools considered too sophisticated and too expensive to be used by the ruthless hack. 

It is proving to be a boom business for security experts whose work is to determine vulnerability and plug the holes of entry. "

*SOI Webcast by Preginet

(Feb 19, 2003) Ms Teresita Patula sent us this invitation..'with regard to the "SOI (School of Internet) Asia Project - Realtime ASEAN Interaction IT Networking for Human Resources Development and Cooperation in  ASEAN" event,  tomorrow,  February 20, 2003 from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., we are pleased to inform you that we will be videostreaming the event over the PREGINET network. The streaming will be viewed through the PREGINET website, http://preginet.asti.dost.gov.ph. A real player is required to be able to view it.

*NU doubles bandwidth to 256kbps!

(Feb 19, 2003) Bitstop congratulates Northwestern University in Laoag City for upgrading their internet bandwidth from 128kb to 256kb.  This is in line with NU's mission to better serve their students by providing them with better access to the internet. 

*Free Security Assessment 

(Feb 18, 2003) We are looking for sites that need to have security assessments made. As this is part of our training in EC Council's Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures, Bitstop will not be charging for this service. 

The security assessment report will be provided to the owner of the network. The assessments will be done on Saturday, Feb 22, 2003. Interested parties are urged to email this account: spg@dagupan.com before Saturday.

*First EC Council Course Participants

(Feb 17, 2003) This picture of the EC council session delegates on Ethical Hacking  is taken for posterity using a Nokia 7650.  Ec Council courses are being conducted at Ateneo Information And Technology Institute in Makati for the next 2 weeks.  Mr. Krishnan Rajagopal stands in the center.


*Reminder EC-council Trainor's Course 

(Feb 15, 2003) Bitstop and Wordware Malaysia will be conducting  three  EC-council Trainors' Courses in the Philippines.

The sessions will be conducted by Mr Krishnan Rajagopal.  The courses are as follows: 

Certified Ethical Hacking & Countermeasures.
ECommerce Architect, 
Supply Chain Management

The sessions will be held at 

Ateneo Information Technology Institute 
5/F Ateneo Professional Schools, 
130 H.V. dela Costa Street, Salcedo Vill. 
Makati City 

* DOST to hold IPv6 Workshop

(Feb 15, 2003) Bitstop has just been invited by Dir Sabido of ASTI to join the IPv6 workshop.

The workshop  is aimed at enabling the participants to establish their own full-service IPv6 network. It covers topics such as IPv6 routing, DNS, Web , Proxies and IPv6 enabled applications.

Interested parties should call Ms Kat Buenaflor or Ms Sheila Eugenio at +632 435 1071

* Bitstop Now an IBM Gold Partner

IBM(Feb 14, 2003) Ms Karen Yusi, IBM Global Small Business Manager, has sent word that Bitstop Inc has been elevated to Corporate Value Partner Category with a Gold level of membership.

Bitstop is honored to have been chosen by IBM as its business partner.

* Cavite.com Now peered with Bitstop

(Feb 13, 2003) Cavite.com is now peered with Bitstop Network! Raymund Dy, Cavite.com's CEO has been impressed with the speed enhancements as a result of the peering.

* Rotary Urdaneta's Operation BalikNgiti

(Jan 30, 2003) Rotary Club of Urdaneta is going to hold a free Hairlip and cleft palate repair operation on Feb 21- Mar 5. This operation will be done at Don Amadeo J. Perez Memorial General Hospital in Urdaneta City.

This is in partnership with Operation Helping Children Smile Foundation (Australia) Interested parties are urged to contact, Mr Dennis Uy at 0917-508-0430.



* S&E Demos Nokia D211

(Jan 30, 2003) S&E trains Bitstop on Nokia D211. The Nokia D211 is a multimode radio card for your compatible portable computer that enables network access through GPRS, HSCSD, and wireless 802.11b LAN networks. 

Here at Bitstop, we were able to test it out on our 802.11 network.We downloaded a 55mb file in less than 3 minutes! It also works with Globe's GPRS. Now, people on the move can connect to myriad sources of connectivity!


* S&E Demos Nokia PBX Terminal

(Jan 30, 2003) S&E trains and demonstrates the Nokia 22 PBX connectivity terminal to Bitstop Inc.

The Nokia 22 PBX Connectivity Terminal is a simple, cost-saving solution, which serves as a gateway between a GSM network and a company's private branch exchange (PBX). When connected to a PBX, it can route incoming and out coming calls via the mobile telephone network, providing a cost effective alternative for fixed-to-mobile or mobile-to-fixed telephone calls.

A huge cost savings may be realised due to the difference in charges between landline calls to cellphones (12/min) and cellphone to cellphone (3/min). With the Nokia 22, all calls to cellphones from the PABX, can now be routed to it, thereby converting the call to cellphone -to- cellphone.

Nokia 22 brochure (PDF file, 157 KB)
Nokia 22 datasheet (PDF file, 94 KB)


* IPV6 now up courtesy of ASTI

(Jan 30, 2003) Bitstop has just successfully ping6-ed the other end of the ipv6 tunnel in Preginet! We are now also able to reach www.ai3.net (ipv6 address). Click here to view the testbed map. We installed ipv6 also on our Windows XP and Windows 2003 rc1,rc2

Just do a traceroute6 to our ipv6 address 2001:200:800:5001::4 from this traceroute6 page. (As of now, belgium and france links do not work...)

"PREGINET is the first Philippine IPv6 network and natively connected to the IPv6 backbone (6bone and 6net). Bitstop is the first commercial ISP network with IPv6."--Sir Dennis Villorente, ASTI


* New CCNA passer @ I.mind

(Jan 30, 2003) Myra De Guzman, I.mind's Sylvan Administrator relayed the happy news about Ryan C. Laurio having passed the CCNA exam taken at i.mind in Caloocan.

Mr Laurio is currently working at Bell Tel and a graduate of AMA. Our congratulations and best wishes on his future plans....CCNP or MCSE??

* Congratulations to Preginet's Formal Launch

(Jan 29, 2003) Bitstop Mgmt and Staff wish to congratulate Sir Dennis Villorente and his staff on the occasion of ASTI's Preginet Formal launching today.

Those of you that are interested to find out more, or want to join Preginet should click here.

* Worm Affects SQL Servers 

(Jan 25, 2003) Bitstop's SQL servers were affected by this exploit. We are sharing this info to help others avoid our fate. Read more from INQ7....

Microsoft already had the patch to prevent this problem, but Bitstop's Sys Admin was not prompt enough in updating the SQL Servers. (no more vale for that guy!!!)

Francis V blocked off UDP port 1434, which was the source of the infections. Sysadmins elsewhere are urged to do the same.

Those of you that wish to update your SQL to service pack3 can download sql2ksp3.exe from our ftp site, or from infocom network.

* 2nd MCP from I.mind 

(Jan 24, 2003) I.mind wishes to congratulate its 2nd Keystone student to become an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).

The news about Mr Erickson Delgado, from UP Diliman, having passed the Exam 70-210 : Installing, configuring and administering Win2000 Professional on Jan. 24, 2003 was relayed by Ms Jaysie Ang, I.mind Administrator.

* SPU featured in Inq7 

(Jan 23, 2003) Saint Paul University's recent achievements in the field of IT certification are noted in this Inquirer.net article.

Read more....

* IPV6 pilot Update

(Jan 13, 2003) Bitstop owes a lot of thanks to Mr Philip Tan of Cisco for helping us upgrade our routers to support IPV6.

Bitstop and ASTI are collaborating to do IPV6 test deployment.

*DigitelONE Streaming Server Deployed 

(Jan 18, 2003) Bitstop is grateful for the support of DigitelOne in deploying the country's very first Windows.NET RC2 server! This forms the 4th streaming server in eradioportal.com

Specifically, we would like to thank Mr Stephen Ngo and his staff for their invaluable support in putting up the server at DigitelONE.

*PSU Studes Pass Office 2000 Exams 

(Jan 18, 2003) Our congratulations to Ms Apple Gay Dumo and Jeffrey Acejo for passing the MS Excel 2000 exams. Also to Mr Michael Acosta and Ms Michelle Adap for passing the Word 2000 exams.

PSU training is making its mark in Pangasinan and the North for producing the most number of IT certified professionals

*SLU's 91st Foundation Anniversay 

(Jan 18, 2003) Bitstop Inc was invited by Mr Winston Chugsayan to participate as an exhibitor in SLU's 91st foundation Anniversary on January 24-25, 2003 at Room S-327 of the Diego Silang Building.

Bitstop intends to showcase the various CBTs (computer based training) materials and rapid certification preparation coursewares and materials in said exhibit.

*Region I's MOS Excel XP Passer!

(Jan 16, 2003) PSU has done it again. This time, Ms Lareina Balahadia, a 2nd year BS IT student passed the Excel XP exam.

This comes just one day before the Microsoft Olympics Regional Champions' exam deadline.

*Transcender Appoints Bitstop 

Transcender: IT Training for Certification and Beyond...(Jan 16, 2003) Mr Miguel Jimenez, Transcender Business Development Manager, recently emailed us the happy news that Bitstop Inc is now an accredited Transcender distributor.

Click here to view the Transcender pricelist.

With this appointment, Bitstop Inc now provides the widest range of IT certification related products and services--Sylvan Testing Centers, Keystone CBTs and Transcender Review softwares.

*Region I's MOS WordXP Candidate!

(Jan 15, 2003) Ms Kristine Lagman, a 4th year PSU Urdaneta student, passed the Office XP Word exam today. She is the first to pass this tough exam.

Kristine is enrolled in Pang State U's BSIT course. She used PSU's eLearning system to prepare for the exam. You guessed it, PSU's elearning uses Keystone Learning systems.

*Subsidized EC-council Trainor's Course

(Jan 14, 2003) Bitstop and Wordware Malaysia will be subsidizing 3  EC-council Trainors' Courses in the Philippines in the 2nd half of February of this year

The sessions will be conducted by Mr Krishnan Rajagopal. The courses are as follows: 

The 10 available seats are limited to a first come first serve basis. Fees will be charged for the cost of the manuals and certification exam.

To reserve your seat, please email: tia@dagupan.com 

*Bitstop & PregiNET do IPV6 pilot

(Jan 13, 2003) Bitstop has just received our IPV6 block assignment from Preginet. We will commence testing and deployment of IPV6 in the succeeding days.

IPV6 block for testing is: 2001:200:856::/48 Bitstop Inc is only waiting for our IOS upgrades that will support IPV6.

*Flat Rate Internet Access For 880++

(Jan 10, 2003) Bitstop is inviting the public to try our new Xtreme Bronze Plan for only 880.00++/month. This dialup plan is good for both 56k and 33k lines-perfect for the night owls and insomniacs who prefer to surf the www.

Xtreme Bronze allows a subscriber to access the internet at night anytime from 7pm until 7am of the next day. All other times, you will be denied access. You are billed at 880++ regardless of the total hours consumed nightly. 

For details email tia@dagupan.com 

*RMN Philippines Hosted @ Bitstop 

(Jan 10, 2003) Bitstop is proud to have been chosen by Radio Mindanao Network to host AND web accelerate its site.

RMN is the first Radio Station whose website is also mirrored on 22 international servers. Our content distribution system optimizes site access by serving content from the nearest server. As measured by www.tracert.com, this site takes an average of 11.3 seconds to fully load.

*Bitstop Hosted Sites in Top100 

(Jan 7, 2003) Bitstop is proud to have 4 of our hosted sites land in the Pinoy Top 100 traffic ranking statistics from today's Alexa traffic ranking update that cover the Philippines' Top 100 websites. 

Rank Site
45 www.dagupan.com
60 www.gov.ph
82 www.eradioportal.com
97 www.kasal.com



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