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Bitstop Looking for new Talents

Bitstop Inc is inviting success driven individuals that can work in a fast paced team environment to serve our clients in Government, businesses and top educational institutions in Northern Luzon Area.

The successful candidate is likely to have finished a degree either in computer science, Marketing or Mass communication courses. In depth knowledge of IT is not necessary as Bitstop Inc is known for our advanced training programs that equips the candidate with rapid immersion in our fields of expertise. Our alumni staff have excelled both locally and internationally because of this.

Two positions are currently open:
1. Technical Support Specialist This role is responsible for ensuring that Bitstop's technical services are delivered on time and according to specifications. Additionally, the position is required to coordinate reporting and followups with some of the industry's leading IT vendors and service providers.
2. Technical Sales Consultant This role is responsible for ensuring that our Clients get the best recommendations on IT based solutions to their needs. It involves some travel that requires the person in this role to periodically meet with our friends in the industry. Constant contact with our key accounts is also part of this responsibility. Training is a constant requirement as the person in this role will be required to attend the leading edge seminars provided by our IT vendors.

Interested applicants are urged to send in their resume immediately to Ms Jennifer Lim (jenniferlim[at]

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