Kaspersky Anti Virus Event in Dagupan

Mr Sunga , the Technical Support of Kaspersky was on hand to discuss  Kaspersky Antivirus 2011 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2011. He shared with the attendees, the method for  installing Kaspersky  Antivirus and Internet security 2011 including how to install kaspersky on an infected unit or a unit with an existing antivirus but not kaspersky.

He also highlighted some of the new features of KIS2011 like:

  • Parental Control
  • Web filtering
  • Anti phising, complete protection for newly develop malware. 
  • Communicate in safety where Kaspersky monitors your incoming and outgoing to ensure your safety. 
  • Smart anti spam for email. 
  • Improved protection on your digital identity, wherein it gives you a virtual keyboard  to keep your personal identiy absolutely secure from banking, shopping online.
  • System watcher which monitors your system, analyze every event to detect dangerous behavior.
  • Safe run mode enables you to run suspicious application and website in a specially isolated environment.
  • And it has a dashboard that will show status and reports.

They also discussed Kaspersky's open space security, design for corporate needs for flexibility, realible antivirus.

There are four categories of  kaspersky antivirus namely:

  1. Kaspersky Work Space Security:  This is applicable for Workstation , smart phones and Laptop
  2. Kaspersky for File server and Storage : Only for File servers running windows , linuxand Novell  netware- providing single , effective security solution for multi platform server networks
  3. Kaspersky mail and group Server: provide safety from cyber criminals who provide or malicious program and spams . the solution include refreshed application that ensures security of all mail servers.  Including Microsoft exchange , Lotus domino sendmail qmail and others
  4. Kaspersky  security for internet gateway:  for enterprise solution support the latest platforms , High value solution  for medium and large organization.

The event was hosted by Infoworx and  Isecure.


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