February 2011 Entries

Epson Free Clinics

    The free service is applicable to all carry-in units only and will strictly not be applicable to Epson Main units used with Epson non-geniune inks/consumables.

IE 9 vs 99% of Malware

The Internet Explorer 9 beta protects against 99 percent of “socially engineered malware,” according to independent researcher NSS Labs. What is socially engineered malware? Cybercriminals use socially engineered malware to gain access to your computer. According to NSS Labs, socially engineered malware describes any link that leads to malicious websites or downloads that could harm your computer. Research shows that these links appear on popular websites and services such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as cybercriminals are increasingly taking advantage of people’s trust in these sites. How Internet Explorer 9 protects against socially engineered malware NSS Labs says that the success of Internet Explorer in...

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