July 2010 Entries

Watch the BlogWorld Event

Missed this Blogworld event? Watch blogworld part 1 Blogging and SEO Fundamentals and Watch Blogworld part 2 Internet Marketing and Social Networking Seminar for Enterpreneurs. Our thanks to Leo Fuentes, Ms Jannette Toral and the Bitstop Inc team headed by Gerard Viari for making this event available to the rest of the public! See other pictures of the BlogWorld event. See the Powerpoint Slides here: http://www.slideshare.net/janettetoral/blogging-and-seo-fundamentals-10-things-to-know-by-janette-toral http://www.slideshare.net/janettetoral/internet-marketing-and-social-ne...tworking-for-entrepreneurs-10-things-to-know-by-janette-toral  

Regional blogworld Philippines 2010 - North Luzon

Held today at the Music Warehouse in Dagupan city from 8am to 4pm in two slots... morning and afternoon. The event is co-presented by Bitstop Inc Network Services, courtesy of Mr Wilson Chua. Ms Janette Toral International Speaker, Ms. Janette Toral (www.digitalfilipino.com), multi awarded Champion of Philippine E-Commerce will be the lead resource speaker of the Conference, along with International SEO Expert Mr. Gary Viray (Search Opt Media) and other notable and successful bloggers in the region. The Seminar will be divided into two (2) parts: Seminar 1 (AM) : Blogging and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Fundamentals Seminar 2 (PM) : Internet Marketing...

Moodle User Community in Dagupan

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