February 2010 Entries

Microsoft I-Cafe Program

Cybercafes can now enroll in the Microsoft I-cafe program to avail of rock bottom prices on legal software with rental rights from Microsoft. The I-cafe program covers Windows 7 (and is downward compatible with Vista and XP) Office 2007. Interested Parties can contact Ms Arlyn arlynt@pangasinan.com; and Ms Marlyn  marlina@pangasinan.com f for more details.

Samsung Dome Camera

The SID-53/53W are compact high performance cameras that will re-define what you would expect in a low-cost indoor fixed dome. They utilize the latest W-IVDSP engine, which means they offer a lot of performance and functionality that you would normally expect to see in a much higher cost product. These features include a low light level performance of 0.04Lux, and resolution that is higher than 580TV lines. In addition, there are built-in functions including the convenient OSD setup menus. The SID-53/53W has a 3mm lens and the SID-53/53W has a 3mm lens. 1/3" Super HAD color CCD...

Dagupan ICT Council Photo Editing Contest Winners


Dagupan ICT Council DOTA Contest Winners

Dota Champions(from Lyceum Northwestern University)

Dagupan ICT Council AVP Contest Winners

AVP participants AVP Champions(RYAN BUSTOS,GARFIELA BAHAIN, KENNETH MANZOIC from University of Luzon)

Dagupan ICT Council Typing Contest Winners

ICT Dagupan Contest at Lyceum Northwestern     2nd placer for typing competition(RICHARD LEE-LNU) 1st placer for typing contest(DIPTI VASSANDANI- AMA) Typing Champion!  BELLARMINE SEVIDAL JR.- UL

What is ECC Memory?

What is ECC? ECC memory stands for Error Checking and Correction. Using ECC memory allows the system to detect and correct single bit errors.  ECC is not recommended for home PCs because the home PCs are normally shut down regularly. ECC memory is most commonly found in servers where they are not shut down. It is estimated that a single bit soft error occurs once per 1GB of memory per month, running at 24 hours a day. Flavors of ECC memory Registered ECC uses buffers to temporarily hold data for one clock cycle before it is transferred. This increases reliability but sacrifices speed...

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