Work at Home Customer Care Positions

Bitstop Inc Inc is looking for 10 qualified individuals that can work from home as our marketing and customer support representatives. The ideal candidates must possess the following:

1. College Diploma in any business or IT course
2. Owns a computer with internet access of 256kbps DSL or better and updated patches and antivirus software
3. Able to work at least 4 hours a day, 5 days a week
4. Can type at least 40 words per minute in correct english grammar

The Marketing Position involves the following responsibilities:

1. Conduct live chat sessions with clients on the web to answer queries and help clients decide on the proper webhosting package solutions.
2. Make at least 10 outbound calls a day to existing client to enhance the business relationships
3. Make at least 30 outbound calls to develop new business
4. Make a daily report of activities in an excel spreadsheet format
5. Attend and learn from periodic on-line training sessions

The compensation plan includes:

1. Monthly allowance for use of internet facilities, phone and toll charges related to business calls
2. Attractive sales incentives on meeting production quota
3. Basic salary offer that is commensurate with skill sets

Interested applicants are requested to send their resumes directly to wilson[at]


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