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Greetings Fellow DEFCONPH Forum Members,

It is commonly acknowledged that security requirements cannot be addressed by technical means alone, and that a significant aspect of protection comes down to the attitudes, awareness, behavior and capabilities of the people involved. Indeed, people can potentially represent a key asset in achieving security, but at present, factors such as lack of awareness and understanding, combined with unreasonable demands from security technologies, can dramatically impede their ability to do so.

We are looking for specific expertise to be shared with our delegates, both technical and non-technical, in the following interests:

Topics of interests:

* Risk Assessment

* Policies and Compliance Awareness

* Attacks and Countermeasures

* Perimeter Defence

* Mobile and Wireless Security

* Government Security

* Forensic Investigation into Web Hacking

* Botnets

* Penetrating Testing

* Insider Threats

* Cyber Terrorism

* Information Security

* Storage management software

* Enterprise content management

* Data and storage security

* Disaster recovery

* High-availability systems

* Regulatory and compliance issues

* Data classification

* Data Migration

* Storage Virtualization

* Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)

* Email, IM, file and database archiving

* Backup and restore systems

* Business continuity and DR planning

Proposal Format - The proposal should be one page and consist of:

1. An abstract

2. A brief outline of major topics

3. A short biography of the presenter

Deadline of submission is extended to March 8, 2009 (Sunday). Email all inquiries to and CC

For the record, we received an invitation to give a talk to a particular university in Manila. So we need to combine our expertise and share our knowledge to the public. We are looking for volunteers who wish to give a talk.

For other details of this "Call for Presentation" please visit

The success of this organization entirely depends on the collective efforts of each forum members (male and female, young and old).

DEFCONPH will stay here, now and forever!



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