November 2008 Entries

Firewall Software Free

If you are looking for a free or affordable firewall software that you can easily install on a PC, then check out Firewall Software for more details. This software performs other roles as well. Aside from Firewall capability, it can also do Spam blocking, Anti-virus control, Intrusion detection AND intrusion prevention. Advance modules enable VPN and remote access capabilities as well

APRICOT 2009 in Manila


NBI Raids OC Animation Studio reported that agents of the NBI’s National Capital Region (NCR) Office raided OC Animation Studio, a Philippine-based animation company that offers multimedia technologies and applications-enabling services, and animation and graphic design services. By virtue of a search warrant issued by the Manila Regional Trial Court, the NBI agents led by the NBI-NCR Division Executive Officer Head Agent Rommel Vallejo swooped down on the office of OC Animation Studio located at UG20 Cityland, Wack Wack Royal Mansion in Mandaluyong City. After the raiding team had diligently examined the contents of the computers in OC Animation’s premises, nine of the computers were found...

COMMDAP Manila 2008

Let us all face it. It is an everyday thing. Our lives are intertwined with I.T.  You LIVE I.T.! You LOVE I.T.! That is the way it is! For over two (2) decades, COMDDAP has been showcasing all the reasons and ways we love I.T. Still, COMDDAP continues to evolve in response to the rapidly expanding consumer market. The focus has been shifted from predominantly corporate market to include the end-users. The strategy has assisted the change in the I.T. exhibit genre. COMDDAP events have successfully transformed all its shows as the leading I.T. procurement platform in the country. Start Time:...

Bitstop Joins Microsoft BizSpark as Network Partner

Can you use Microsoft's resources to help you grow your startup business? Check out Microsoft's BizSpark Program. Bitstop Inc has just been approved as a Network Partner of Microsoft's BizSpark program. Contact Bitstop Network Service team for more details now!

Digital Filipino Web Awards

Photo of Bitstop Network Service representatives, Jesa and Marichu with Digital Filipino's Janette Toral at the Web Awards events. More Digital Filipino Web Awards 2008 pictures here.  Digital Filipino Web Award Winners list are here.

DefconPH Soft Launching

The soft launching of Defcon Philippines (DefconPH) on December 20, 2008 will bring together IT Security Professionals and hackers to discuss their solutions, exploits and experiences in this complicated and critical field of IT Security arena. Attending this launching puts you one step ahead in preserving your company's reputation, keeping your company solvent, and showing your value to your employer.  DefconPH is a registered Defcon Group International as DC6332. This half-day power packed event will cover the latest topics in IT security, hacking and protection. Learn how to avoid embarrassing and expensive data breaches, protect valuable information, and many more. DefconPH stands...

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