Microsoft Pre Launch Activities

Bitstop Inc president Mr Wilson L. Chua met up with Microsoft' Mr Jay Joson who briefed Bitstop Inc on the webcasting requirements for the Pre-launched activities for Windows 2008, SQL 2008, Visual Studio and Expression Design and Expression Blend.

Also check out the cool mashups at

In line with this, we are looking for academic institutions that would like to host a video feed to show to their student. Please send an email to wilson[at]

Any academic institution that has a CHED or DECS certification and has a broadband internet of not less than 1mbps would be the ideal partner we are looking for.

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# re: Microsoft Pre Launch Activities

Left by seocontest2008 at 2/19/2008 8:58 AM
Gravatar What are the institution categories that are accepted in joining such this program.

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