July 2007 Entries

WSS as a viable DMS

Windows Sharepoint Services can be deployed as a low cost document management system. We have done a demo for a client to show that images can be stored and later on retrieved by searching on information that was tagged on the image that was stored. Users of the system can use any ordinary web browser to upload the scanned images. The same browser interface is also used to tag this image with metadata…ie.. name, social security number, tax identification, record number etc. The retrieval of the document is done via a sql search query. The user is provided a web search interface....

PGMA SONA 2007 Archives

Click here to listen to the audio-only archive of PGMA SONA 2007, and click here to view the video archive of PGMA SONA 2007. And here is the link to the PGMA SONA 2007 transcript  

Internet Voting in Singapore

Picture shows Comelec Chairman Abalos with Ambassador Belen at the conference room of the Philippine Embassy where the former answered questions about the voting system. Also shown in picture is the representative of Syctl which developed the online application. Also, Commissioner Tuazon did confirm that they have invited the Pinoy IT community to test the security of the system. At the forum, it was also clarified, that Commission Tuazon was misquoted. He did not refer to the Pinoy IT community in Singapore as "Hackers". This may have lead to some concerns as the press had inaccurately reported Comm Tuazon as referring...

PGMA State of the Nation Webcast

bitstop, NBN, Office of the Press Secretary and Inquirer have teamed up to bring you the live webcast of the President's State of the Nation address. The feed will be coming from NBN and will be on July 23, 2007 at 2pm and is expected to finish by 5pm. The video link to the SONA for this year.

Launching of Archipelago 7107 at Greenbelt

In support of a fellow DigitalFilipino.com club member, we are posting this event: The DigitalFilipino.com Club is very proud to support Archipelago 7107, Inc. as it invites you to celebrate the long-awaited launch of the portal Barangay.ph, The Global Filipino Village Online! The event will be at Grappa's, Greenbelt 3, Makati this Wednesday, July 25, 6:00PM to 8:30PM. Jonno and Nanette de Dios Alcaro are eager to meet potential partners, website owners, and merchants to sell their products in Barangay.ph.  

CCAP 2007 Event Pictures Now posted in Gallery

bitstop participated in the recently concluded call center and business process outsourcing exposition. BNS host the CCAP (Call Center Association of the Philippines) Official website. Other pictures are in the gallery section.  

FHM Top 100 sexiest webcast tonight!

As promised, here is the link to FHM 100 sexiest event webcast.

Nitro Promo

Who's Qualified : End users of Nitro Internet Prepaid cards Give aways : Trip for 2 to Boracay, Umbrella, Summer Cap and Neck Pillow PROMO MECHANICS: Each end user who will submit one nitro card will get the one raffle ticket: RAFFLE DRAW Grand Price : Trip for 2 to Boracay Consolation Prices : 50 Winners- 1 Umbrella and 1 Summer Cap 50 Winners- 1 Umbrella and 1 Neck Pillow **Note : 1. Boracay Ticket- Airfare ONLY– Applicable taxes to be shouldered by the winner e.g. VAT. No Hotel Accommodations. 2. Validity period is until Dec. 29, 2007 (not valid during peak session- Oct.,Nov,Dec. and Embargo Period. Promo...

FHM Webcasts only a few days away!

bitstop, GMA New Media and Smart are currently doing network tests in preparation for FHM's 100 sexiest webcast event on July 12! Stay tuned for links to the event on July 12.

Bitstop Receives Microsoft's Advanced Infrastructure Plaque

Picture shows the bitstop Technical Team that was responsible for deploying Microsoft Advanced Technologies in our clients server and data center sites. This lead to bitstop being qualified for Microsoft's Advanced Infrastructure competency program. Bing Bueno, department head is shown holding our plaque.

Join the Boomerang Awards

The Boomerang awards is the first and only awards that recognizes the role of Internet and Mobile platform in building the business of brands, services and companies in the Philippines. The awards give recognition to campaigns that utilizes the web/internet and mobile devices as vehicles in meeting business objectives in the most creative, innovative and breakthrough manner. The competition is open the public. Internet and Mobile campaigns launched by companies in the Philippines between January 2005 and March 2007 is qualified to participate in the competition. Because the competition put premium on the significant contribution of the campaigns to business of brands, services...

Register Your Domain name in .SG,.MY,.IN,.ID,.HK, .CN

Now that you have built up a brand equity in your domain name, why not consider also registering your domain names version in other country specific TLDs? This means that for example, if you own sanmiguel.com.ph, why not register sanmiguel.com.sg (singapore), sanmiguel.com.my (malaysia), sanmiguel.com.id(indonesia), sanmiguel.com.cn (China), snamiguel.com.hk (Hongkong), sanmiguel.com.in(india)? In today's interconnected world, online commerce has no boundaries, and you certainly dont want to have to battle it out with cybersquatters that register those country specific domain name versions of your main domain name, now would you? Contact team[at]bnshosting.net to learn more about how we can help you register in other countries as well.

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