DEMO:Enhancing Teamwork with WSS

bnshosting is conducting a demo on the use of hosted Windows Sharepoint Services. The affair is free for the first 20 participants. It will be conducted on June 16 ,2007 at the 3rd floor of bitstop Inc. The topics to be covered will include:

1. How to create and use online surveys to capture feedback.

2. How to use built in Task list to assign, prioritize and inform teams on jobs assignments

3. How to use WSS as an effective file depository, including version control, checkin and checkout of documents.

4. How to use WSS to search and retrieve any documents stored in WSS.

5. Use of contact list, events and announcements

Interested parties are urged to register early with sheilaa[at]

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# re: DEMO:Enhancing Teamwork with WSS

Left by Roxanne Montes at 6/5/2007 10:57 AM
Gravatar I would like to join the said affair

# re: DEMO:Enhancing Teamwork with WSS

Left by chuy at 6/7/2007 11:11 AM
Gravatar for all interested parties for the said event pls. email us at: or you may contact us (075) 5158750-54 for reservation.

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