DEMO:No-Maintenance Network

bitstop is conducting a demo on how to reduce system administrator's headaches on maintaining computers and networks. The demo will focus on neutralizing the following common problems:

1. Unauthorized user downloads

2. Virus and Spyware infections

3. Destructive file deletions

4. Tampering of system and important files

There will be 2 sessions on June 15, 2007. The first session will be on 10am and the second session will be on 2:00pm at bitstop's 3rd floor. Interested parties, please contact marlonm[at] or call +63-75-5225089. Because of limited slots, the registrations will be on a first come first served basis. Attendance is free.

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# re: DEMO:No-Maintenance Network

Left by John Deric T. Desvarro at 6/5/2007 11:02 AM
Gravatar This was good idea for the network administrators.Tnx!

# re: DEMO:No-Maintenance Network

Left by Tarlac College of Agriculture at 6/7/2007 11:21 AM
Gravatar Please register 2 slots for TCA on the AM session.

Thank you..

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