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As a busy executive, how often times have you been invited to special occasions? A lot? Your number one concern is probably what gift or present to give to your host. I have often wished that the guess work could be shortened , if not totally eliminated.

Now comes this web enabled service that allows your host to put up their 'wish list'. This saves me the time of having to go out and spend hours shopping. (Although my wife would certainly enjoy it!). Plus it saves the embarassment of later finding out that your host 'refunded' your gift with the store :(

The web service is free for users and is brought to you by Regaloservice.com. (PS. Bitstop is in no way affiliated with Regaloservice.com). We just think it is a good service to bring on the net. If you are a webmaster, you can help promote this if you create an online gift registry yourself. This will also provide an additional service to your website visitors. Remember: The value of the registry increases as more people use it

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