July 2006 Entries

Villajireh Relaunched!

Villajireh.com is now re-launched. The site is hosted at bitstop. “VILLA JIREH Japheth Holistic Resort Hotel is a jump-off to HUNDRED ISLANDS and is one of the premier vacation destinations to date. It is the first of its kind in the Philippines and accredited by the Department of Tourism as "AA" resort with WOW Philippines programs, (Wonders of Wellness, Wonders of Workshop and Wonders of Waters). Located in the hills of Labrador, Pangasinan over-looking Lingayen Gulf. VILLA JIREH-Japheth Holistic Resort Hotel unites the freshness of cool mountain air with the invigorating sea breeze from South China Sea. A perfect place...

Bitstop Tapped to Webcast Presidential SONA

bitstop is humbled to have been tapped by the OPS (Office of the Press Secretary) and INQ7.net to do the webcast of the President's SONA (State of the Nation Address) on July 24, 2006. Please watch this space for further links to the live webcast. The INQ7.net link will be using GMA channel 7 feed, while the OPS will be using NBN feed.

Welcome to our Newly Hosted sites

bitstop would like to welcome our newly hosted sites and hope that you could visit them. www.tafttowerdormitory.comwww.cinemalaya.orgwww.futuretradeinc.comwww.isulongseoph.com

Push for Paypal in the Philippines

bitstop agrees with the viewpoint of J Racoma in his blog in so far as finding ways to allow philippine citizens with philippine bank accounts to register and setup an account with Paypal. Our ecommerce initiatives are stymied because Paypal will not accept philippine based bank accounts.

Microsoft OPX for system builders

bitstop came to know about the OPX from the Microsoft Partner conference in Boston. Here is an excerpt from http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=71159 : The OPK eXtender is a powertoy for the Windows® OEM Preinstallation Kit (OPK) that adds system builder-specific features to the OPK. OPX extends the functionality of the OPK in two ways: • Automating many of the manual OPK tasks.• Adding new features designed to meet the needs of system builders. OPX adds a management layer to the preinstallation infrastructure that you create with the OPK. With the graphical user interface (GUI) of OPX, you can run the most frequently used command-line...

Bitstop @ Microsoft Partner Conference 2007

bitstop top brass led by Mr and Mrs Wilson L. Chua attended the Microsoft Partner Conference in Boston, USA. “You and your colleagues from around the world came together to build partner relationships and to plan your business. It was my honor to personally spend the week learning from you and hearing about your business’ success firsthand.“ Photo below shows part of the Philippine contingent led by Ms Karen Yusi of Microsoft Philippines.

FOCI Training Center Blessing

Farmout Central recently inaugurated its training center. Shown below are some highlights of the affair. (More pictures will follow at farmout site)

Historic US Dollar Remittance to City Govt

Photo shows Ms Jerusel Ferrer, BNS staff, handing over the US Dollar remittance to City Administrator Raffy Baraan. The US dollar remittance was processed thru bitstop's credit card processing gateway.

BSU Honored in Taipei!

“I just would like to share to you that the ICT Development Project I had been implmenting with your help was selected as a good ICT practice in bridging the digital divide in Taipei CIty last June 30, 2006. All of these I owe it to the great help that you had been extending to me. The ICT infrastructure was judged to be very good and very productive in thirty years to come. The trophy has an inscription that says "Acclaimed Bridging Digital Divide Practice" it is an honor indeed but this will not happen without your great great help. Thank...

Digitel Links Restored

Our thanks to Junie De Leon of CommWorks, Job Relatore and Rocell Tumbaga for deploying and re-activating our links to Digitel. We ask our subscribers to send us their comments to let us know how the new links work. In theory, it should result in faster browser than before.

Temporary Solution to Digitel Radio

bitstop and Digitel agreed to temporarily relocate some of our network equipment while waiting for the Digitel Microwave to be replaced. Here are some pictures:

VMUF Radio Link Pictures

Our thanks to engineer Junee De Leon and to the VMUF team for helping us deploy the 10mbps link between bitstop and VMUF. Here are some pictures of the event:

Aksyon Radio Webstats Increase with Online Broadcast

We have always known it. Now we have the statistics to back it up. Online readership increases with multi-media offerings. This was exactly what happened to Aksyon Radio Official Blog site. The traffic shot up by 500-600% when the blog started offering online broadcast to allow their readers to also 'tune' in to the live webcast of the radio station.

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