Security Workshop Session

A security primer was held at bitstop's 3rd floor where bitstop staff and our guests take turns at doing hands-on exercises on the makeshift lab that bitstop set up for the purpose. The lab was made up of several windows 2003 servers, cisco 1750 router, ordinary switch and 4 open source machines that will take the role of attacking computer.

The attacking computers used standard nmap, nessus and metaxploit to prepare for and launched the attacks against windows computers. While the windows computers were setup to 'sniff' the traffic dump the tcp traffic coming from such attacks for review.

Nmap, xsteg, cain and able, promiscdetect, IDS and snort for windows, tcpdump, and ethereal were among some of the tools used in the hands-on exercises. The exercises showed what the attacks would look like in a tcp dump (signatures, mac addresses, payload) from either tcpdump or ethereal. This will equip the conference participants with skills to properly recognize the attacks in the future.


Group photo here.


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