April 2006 Entries

Microsoft Business Summit @ Dagupan

VENUE: STAR PLAZA GRAND BALLROOM, ADDRESS: A. B. Fernandez Avenue, Dagupan City, PangasinanDATE: May 12, 2006 (7:30AM – 12:30PM) At the Microsoft Business Summit 2005, you’ll learn about tools that will help you manage day-to-day business as well as develop innovative strategies for competitive advantage. You’ll get a first hand briefing on Microsoft’s vision, value proposition, and technology road map.  The challenge for midsize company executives is to identify, implement, and leverage technology to address business challenges. Microsoft and its partners have developed powerful new solutions that will help you increase efficiency, productivity, and...

Bitstop to tabulate 101 ways of Bangus cooking

bitstop is sending over Ms Lani Rosario to head the team that will tabulate today's 101 Ways to Cook Bangus contest to be held at the Dagupan People's Astrodome. The event is part of the week long Dagupan Bangus Festival that is expected to culminate in the Kalutan Ed Dagupan. The Kalutan Ed Dagupan event is the current Guiness Book of Records title holder for the longest grill.

System Administration Training

bitstop has tapped Mr Barry Gonzaga of UP CAS to conduct system administration training for our junior system administrators. The 2 week event is expected to provide bitstop team with skills sufficient for them to manage a medium to complex network setup of routers, switches, and servers.

Direct Peering with Tri-Isys Now UP

In coordination with Mr Scott Gonzalo, Bitstop and Tri-Isys are now directly connected to each other via the Bayantel NIGX Peering Point. Bitstop users can now access Tri-Isys hosted game content like Priston tale, while Tri-Isys subscribers can access Bitstop's hosted streaming media like www.eradioportal.com

USL OJTs @ Bitstop

Bitstop welcomes this year's batch of summer OJT's ( On the Job trainees) from University of St Louis in Tuguegarao. This year promises to be a challenging one for the OJTs as they help us out with SQL2005, VB 2005, Virtual Server 2005, Live Communications Server 2005, Database Mirroring, Web host clustering, and a host of new technologies Bitstop would like to research. Projects include an Insurance application, a online Phone Load module, and a sample school registration system that will use the newer Microsoft softwares.

Pi Omicron Malasiqui Medical Mission

The Pi Omicron fraternity is going to hold a medical mission in Malasiqui for the indigent patients living there. This will be on April 24-25, 2006. Interested parties and brods are encouraged to see Mayor Pons Soriano of Malasiqui for further details.

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