eRadioportal Trials at Bayantel

By early next week, eRadioportal will be broadcasting out from another major location--Bayantel NOC. The additional server will expand eRadioportal's network reach and make listening and viewing online materials a smoother (less buffering) experience! Watch out for further announcements.

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# re: eRadioportal Trials at Bayantel

Left by Adelbert at 12/2/2005 4:53 PM
Gravatar thanks for this... in this way.... we working in abroad will benifit this...

More power to BNS!!!

hi to Sir Wilson, and Pran... miss you guys...

# re: eRadioportal Trials at Bayantel

Left by wilson at 12/2/2005 5:02 PM
Gravatar HI Adelbert,

Musta na, 'on the way' na ba si missis Mo?

# re: eRadioportal Trials at Bayantel

Left by Adelbert at 12/3/2005 6:48 PM
Gravatar Hi Sir Wilson...

Tanggap na sya sa Ministry of Health here in Saudi also, unfortunately until now wala pa syang tawag for departure from SRO (Saudi Recruitment Office) in manila. Ang isa pa baka mapapalayo na naman sya sa akin kasi wala daw open sa Eastern Province.

I just keep on praying na sana she will be assigned here near to my place. miss ko na po ang pinas lalo na Christmas...

Sorry... its kind of off the topic....

Regards to all Bitstop and More Power!!!

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