May 2005 Entries

Gilas connects MNHS to the Net

GILAS ( just made sure that Mapandan National High School is connected to the Internet. GILAS sponsored the 10 months internet access to the school. Visit their website to find out more about this foundation.

Kudos to Dr De Venecia

Dr Guillermo De Venecia founded FREC (Free Rural Eye Clinic) more than 25 years ago and has been instrumental in performing over 750 cataract surgeries and 80 non-cataract operations in a 10 week period. He is a presidential awardee (Linkod sa Kapua Pilipino) for his dedication and commitment to improving the lives of indigent filipinos and giving them hope. He performs FREE laser eye surgery to indigent people. Dr De Venecia can be reached at gmdev[at]

New Lower Monthly for Xtreme Plans

Bitstop's hugely popular unmetered internet plans, Xtreme Gold,  Silver and bronze, now carry a more budget friendly pricing! Xtreme Gold (all day, all night 56k access) monthly access is now  500.00 plus vat. While the  Xtreme Bronze (all night 7pm-7am, 56k access) monthly access is now  400.00 plus vat.  Xtreme Silver (all day 5am-5pm, 56k access) monthly access is now  400.00 plus vat.

Security Course by ATCD-CIDG, PNP

The Anti-Transnational Crime Division of the CIDG, Philippine National Police is conducting a 5 day workshop on computer crime , security and prevention.

Bitstop Voted Most Outstanding Mozcom POP

Mozcom awarded Bitstop Network Services with the much coveted “Outstanding Achievement Award for a Nitro PoP” held at the recently concluded 13th TMNS Mozcom Conference at Marco Resort Hotel, Cagayan de Oro. Shown in picture, L-R, Dr Bill Torres, Wilson Chua, Mrs Beta Gan, John Ang

Mozcom TMNS 2005 Updates

Dick Chiang, Mozcom President, discussing the latest Mozcom products at the 13th Mozcom TMNS 2005 held at Marco Resort Hotel, Cagayan De Oro. Together with Paul Pongco, who discussed the IP PBX initiative. John Ang, leads the singing competition at the 13th Mozcom TMNS Jingle composition competition. John did not miss his calling. John Ang enjoys the fresh air and cool climate at the Delmonte pineapple plantation in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. Bitstop is currently attending the 13th Mozcom TMNS conference.

Sophos' Country Manager visits Bitstop

Mr. Clarence Phua, Philippines Country Manager, Sophos LLC, conducted a workshop at Bitstop last Tuesday, May 17, 2005. His team also included Bing Encarnacion and Julius Suarez. Clarence discused the rollout of Sophos Small Business suite.

Dagupan in the News

This link just in from Sir Benz Cuison of UL. Dagupan is IT!

99.5 RT hosted @ Bitstop

Bitstop Network Services welcomes 99.5 RT as one of its newest webhosted clients. Please visit

Mozcom POPs Launch MMORPG

MBSoft Corporation, a Cebu-based startup company consisting of ISPs, gamers and enterpreneurs, bought the Philippine rights to the game, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The game has as its backdrop theChinese classic of the same title. Although written over 600 years ago, it is till arguably the most popular novel in Asia. Unike the current batch of MMORPGs in which players take control of only one character Diablo-sytle, ROTK plays more like Final Fantasy. Visit for details.

Mozcom Sponsors 18th Awit Awards

The Philippine Association of Recording Industries (PARI) will be holding the 18th Awit Awards on May 26, 2005. Mozcom is sponsoring the even for the second year by providing its tehcnical expertise and services. The official website is The site is hosted and developed by Mozcom.

Visit Francis Kong's Website

Our webhosting team was at Subic to attend the Rotary district 3790 convention held over the weekend. Among the guest speaker was Mr Francis Kong. He is a very inspirational speaker! He sent over an autograph copy of his latest book. We enjoyed reading this and was touched by almost all the articles inside. This is his website.

Architectural Design Website

Our congratulations to Architect Roberto Manansala for the first to have an architectural website hosted in Dagupan. The website showcases Arch Manansala's creative designs for his clients. These can viewed under the Gallery section. You can view the website here.

Longer Flat Rate for Nitro

Nitro Pangasinan and Nitro Ilocos Sur will now have longer hours! Nitro 100 peso denomination will now offer 22 hours per card, while the Nitro 50 peso denomination will offer 10 hours per card. Nitro card usage will be the same regardless of the time the card is used.

NetRocket V5.0 Launched!

Mozcom’s Internet Accelerator gets even better with the release of NetRocket version 5.0. NetRocket is a service that enables dialup and low-speed DSL subscribers to surf the Internet up to five times faster. The added speed offers dial-up customers an attractive alternative to broadband at a very affordable price. Version 5.0 uses image compression and caching techniques that load better-looking graphics even faster, with the quality of the images almost as good as the original, even at maximum settings. The technology compresses text and graphics that enable users to load web pages much more quickly than is traditionally possible over an...

Mozcom's Food Guide Portal is the online dining guide that features a directory of restaurants and restaurant information all over the Philippines. Our dining guide also includes online recipes, ratings, and reviews. Whether you're looking for take-out, delivery, a good place to take the family, or a nice place to impress your date, dining guide provides all the information you need. Users are invited to register and have the benefit of searching the best places to eat, hang out, learn unique recipes and different ways of cooking. You can even rate your favorite dining places and input some comments, plus share your thoughts...

1st RP team to Mount Everest

Bitstop is in talks with Globe to provide the live updates on the trek of the first Philippine Team to attempt to scale Mt Everest. The team will have a laptop, camera and a satellite phone. They will be uploading the images that they capture thru the satellite phone to Globe's server and from there Bitstop will make it available via a webcast.

Urgent requirements for SQL Administrators

Bitstop Network Services has an urgent need for 2 Microsoft SQL administrators/programmers. Certification is not an absolute requirement at this point, but successful candidate must commit to becoming certified within the first 3 months of employment. Additional SQL training suitable for certification purposes will be provided on the job. Candidates with .NET experience and Crystal reports knowledge will gain a definite advantage. Salary is above industry standard.

Mozcom Vigan, IS(Ilocos Sur) Doubles Capacity

Mozcom Vigan just doubled the dialup capacity from 30 to 60 dialup lines. We will also increase bandwidth from 256 to 512kbps. Mozcom Vigan is a joint venture between Bitstop (Mozcom Pangasinan) and Basic Internet (Mozcom La Union)

Call Center Business for Everyone!

What if you and your friends could start your own call center for less than 10c per minute? For LESS than 10c (US) per minute of logon time, you get to 'rent' our world class facility, (fiber-based DS3 internet, electricty, backup generators, computer/s), your own US toll free number/s, Automatic Call Distribution, Skills based routing, Call Recording, CRM, IVR engine, Predictive dialer and Spiel/script engine? Pay per use! The only thing you supply is...your own skills and your labor. Would you be interested? We would like to hear your comments.

New Virus Variants

From Panda Software: The creator (or creators) of the Mytob worms are continuing in their attempt to spread as many malicious code across the Internet as possible. With the detection of the new CU and CX variants, there are now 103 members of this family of worms.   The great danger of the Mytob worms lies in the fact that they have backdoor characteristics, allowing remote control of the computers that they infect.  According to Luis Corrons, director of PandaLabs: "The real intention of the creators of these worms is to form a network of infected...

Sir Sonny Aces another Exam

Our congratulations again to Sir Sonny Santiago of PMS for having passed the 70217: Implementing Active Directory Infrastructure exam. Only one more to go for the MCSE title!

Bangus Festival Online Videos

The video links below are the ones taken by USL on the job trainees led by their teacher, Mr Edmund Evangelista. Karosa,  Rodeo , GilonGilon , Kalutan,  and 101Ways to cook bangus

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