February 2005 Entries

Farmout Central hosted @ Bitstop

Bitstop is proud to host Dagupan City's first Business Process Outsourcing company--Farmout Central Intouch Inc.Click here to visit the site. Our best wishes to Mam Grace Martirez, who is currently in the US visiting clients.

TracesUnfold now hosted @ Bitstop

Traces Unfold Inc is composed of seasoned laywers, retired law enforcement agents and computer forensics experts. Click here to find out more about their site.

Cebu ICT 2005 Webcast

This is the archive of the webcast done last friday Feb 18, 2005 at the Hotel Dusit Nikko in Makati. PICS organized the event under Ms Maan Tolentino. iMind team was headed by John Ang. Click here to view the archive.

Job Fair on Mar 3-4

The Dagupan City government, led by Vice Mayor Alvin Fernandez is spearheading a Job Fair on Mar 3-4 , 2005 at Library (2nd floor) of the Dagupan City People's Astrodome. This event is to be held alongside the COMDDAP computer and IT exhibit. The job fair is co-organized by trabaho.com.

eRadioportal.com gets US server

Bitstop has deployed another relay server in the US. This additional 100mbps bandwidth will enable us to test the Ateneo DNS based load balancing by Martin Gomez , Cha and Cliff. Listeners of AM stations in the US will be automatically redirected to using this site, if they use the DNS-load balanced links found in the article section of www.eradioportal.com We hope to hear your feedback on this system, specially for listeners from the US, Europe and South America

Unbeatable Internet Price!

Bitstop is excited to offer un-metered internet access for as low as Php15 a day! If you are as excited as we are and would like to know more about the promo, please contact us at 522-5089! Offer is good for a limited applicants only. First come first serve. Internet access is limited to 56kbps , v.92 during office hours of 8am-5pm. What is v.92? V.92 is the new dial-up modem specification from the ITU (International Telecommunications Union) that introduces three new features that will add convenience and performance for the modem user. The three features are quick connect, Modem-on-Hold™ (MOH)...

Bitstop to invest in BPO firm

Bitstop has been invited to join a BPO firm to be located in Dagupan City. The SEC papers are being filed at the moment, and if approved by the authorities, the venture will be called Farm Out Central Intouch Inc. Other investors include Mr Mark Viegelmann  of Residencia Realty, Mr Vincent Villaflor of the Villaflor Hospital , Mr Jobi Millar of Mozcom Batangas, Mr Ferdinand Martirez of Box.ph Solutions.

FOCI in need of Call Center Applicants & Contract Programmers

Farm Out Central is now looking for applicants for the following positions: .NET programmers, Microsoft SQL programmers and Technical Help desk operators. Applicants are encouraged to send their resumes to foci@pangasinan.com. Please attach a short (2-5 minutes) audio wav file with you saying a few words about yourself in English. FOCI will be operating in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.

Mucuna Beans Works as Fertilizer Substitute!

Mucuna Beans, also known as velvet bean, or Mucuna Pruriens, is a green manure crop. Its roots will trap and fix nitrogen into the soil. We tried it on Dagupan Tony's tree farm in Sual and after a year found an incredible difference in the growth rates of our mangium saplings. The ones that were planted near mucuna beans grew to about 12 ft. While the ones in the same batch that was planted far from the mucuna beans, grew to only about 4 ft! Look at the picture gallery under Tree Farm Visit. Click here to read more about mucuna beans.

Broadband on Demand Available Soon

DSL speeds at Dialup Prices! Soon. Abangan..... :)

Listen to Radio Maria Online

Radio Maria (Tarlac) part of the worldwide Radio Maria group, is now available online via eradioportal.com webcast. “RADIO MARIA is a broadcasting initiative, which was started in Italy by a group of Catholics, both priests and lay people. It aims at spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to all people of good will. The radio is not commercially funded through advertisement, but lives solely by means of the generous donations of its listeners and the contributions of its volunteers.” Click here to listen.

PICS 1st Web Conference

The first virtual conference of PICS will be held on February 10, Thursday at 6PM. The topic will be "Weblogging for Businness: A View On Commercializing Weblogs". The resource speaker will be Gabby Dizon, managing partner of Kokoro Works Design Company , an online marketing and web development consulting company. You can check out his weblogs at the 3rd World Game Designer

Sacatel Now Online

San Carlos Telephone Co's link with Bitstop Network is now online. The 128kbps FR line has a noticeable speed improvement when compared to their existing 256kbps DSL. Welcome to the Bitstop Internet Service!

DTI Rates Provinces for E-readiness

An interesting article from Inq7.net on the forum held at Hotel Intercon. DTI conducted a forum this week with nine key provinces and cities participating. BNS' John Ang was there and pictures are shown in the pictures gallery--under DTI eServices.

Manhunt Ensues for Gov.PH Hacker

Inq7.net has just released the story and the picture of the alleged hacker of gov.ph and other sites. Click here to read the article. One wonders why Mr Giner has to go into hiding, since bail is set to only 25,000.00.

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