Call Center Trainor's Training

Bitstop, University of Luzon and Synergia will be holding a 2 day Train the Trainor Course at the University of lUzon campus for Call Center operators. The seminar is free, but on a per-invitation basis only. We are inviting the best english course trainors in the northern luzon area to attend this. The event will be on Jan 20 up to 21

You can access the live webcast of this event using the links below (requires Windows Media Player). The webcast will start at approximately 8:00am (GMT+8).

Click here to view the archive of the event.

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# re: Call Center Trainor's Training

Left by Xavier at 1/28/2005 4:27 PM
Gravatar Where can I find the contents of modules disdussed during the training? if not yet posted, kindly post it at least in this site?

# re: Call Center Trainor's Training

Left by Elizabeth F. Bello at 2/18/2005 8:42 PM

We are interested to put up a call training center in our locality.

When is your next training for trainors?

Please help us as to content/ format of modules .

Thank you very much

# re: Call Center Trainor's Training

Left by annalou almis at 1/16/2006 3:13 PM
Gravatar Are soft skills training included in this?

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