Scheduled Webcasts for the week

On Oct 5, 2004 from the Grand Ballroon of Hotel Intercontinental, Makati, Bitstop and Innove will be webcasting the “Down To Earth Costume Party“ from 7:00pm onwards. Please visit for more details. Click here to view it!

On Oct 6, 7 and 8, Bitstop and Infocom will be bringing the live events for the Finex Week , 36th year celebrations. This year's theme will be: “ Responding to the Challenges of Good Governance“ The event will be aired from the Grand Ballroom of Hotel Interncontinental, Makati City. View the event here.

On Oct 8, 2004, Bitstop and Ecademy will be bringing the live coverage via a webcast of Thomas Power, “The Most Connected Person on the Internet”, Chairman of Ecademy and author of several books that have changed lives and revolutionized businesses of millions the world over (The E-Business Advantage, The Battle of the Portals, E to the Power of 12, Ecosystem – The 12 Principles of e-business, Networking for Life). View the event here.

DigitelOne stream | Infocom stream | Eastern Telecom stream

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