11mpbs HotSpot via HP 5450

(March 28, 2003) Downtown Dagupan is one Big 11mbps HOTSPOT. Users can bring their HP IPaq 5450 PDA with built-in 802.11b and bluetooth and experience surfing at 11mpbs along AB Fernandez Ave. where Bitstop has deployed a Cisco BR350 wireless access point.

Bitstop thanks Mr Alex Villafania, staff writer of Metropolitan Computer Times for loaning us the HP IPaq unit and Mr Jimeno of HP Support who provide troubleshooting for the VPN setup.

Why is this important? You can now bring your 802.11b(Wireless LAN) powered PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) and be conected to the Internet at full 11mpbs speed!

If you own a PDA and would like to have a FREE limited time trial, please drop by our office and we will set it up for you! Offer is limited to the first 10 people to avail of this….Of course, you get the priority if you bought your PDA from us 🙂

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